Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones


I have bought the fastest phone but that is getting slower every day? Why is it so? What should I do to make it faster?

Is it you with your android deice or smart phone? At the inception, the phone was just responding with few taps. But gradually it becomes slower. This is only because of the loads of the application that you are installing.

So now it is the high time when you should stop. Before you switch to a new smart phone, we can help you to get that same phone faster. Tricks and techniques are shared in this article which can really help you. Well we actually save your money and also your phone form being the lazy one.

  1. Uninstall the apps which you are not using

First and foremost one is to remove the unused application. Well many a time we have installed application for that time only. Later on we have forgotten about it and is not being actively used. Bu do you know they are taking a bit of space in your phone and making it slow? So why will you allow the, to eat your phone memory.

Another reason for being slow it that the update that the system so on its own. it will not differentiate whether you are using it or not. So this confirms that the system is running on backwards. So it is better to remove them and free up the space.

Now to delete follow the steps below:

  1. Go the Google play store
  2. Then click on My apps and games
  3. Navigate to the installed tab
  4. Sort it with the option “last used”
  5. Hence the least used will be on the bottom of the list. Now you will have an idea which ones you are using it or not. They are sorted.
  6. Select the application which you are not using and uninstall them. select the “Uninstall” and the will be removed from the system.
  1. Do something with the cache memory

The next method to make the phone faster is to clear the cache memory. Cache data are the files, images or other related contents saved by the applications. when the apps is being opened and the content is shown, the cache memory is functional. So it is fully app specific and automatically generated too. Hence when your phone is lagging behind, then clear the cache memory. Following steps can be followed to clear them

  1. Make use of the settings in the device which can delete the cached data and clear the cache memory too.
  2. By visiting the setting, you can also clear it through the app. So just delete the cache memory of the app one by one.
  3. Make use of the best android cleaner app. This is the third party app which will clean your cache memory.
  4. Lastly make use of the recovery to clean the cache memory.
  1. Turn off animation and see the change in speed of the phone

Does the animation on your phone is constantly working. Well then take care of this one. It is taking a huge memory and thus the phone is lagging down. It practically reduce the workload on the phone and also helps to save the battery life too.

But how to turn them off?

We have aguide for you to make your task easier within 1 minute.

  1. Go to the settings of the phone
  2. Click on the “about phone”
  3. Click the build number seven times
  4. Go back to setting and click on the developer options
  5. Click on the animation scale and click on the “animation off”
  6. Repeat the same process for the transition animation and the animator duration scale too.

Well you will get the difference within this 1 minute. Your phone will start to run faster than before.

  1. Prefer t elite version of every app installed

Recently we are watching that every app has been launching the lite version. But why? Well it’s your advantage. The phone will be much faster in speed if you have launched the lite version of the application. This would surely take up smaller space and puts less workload on the phone too.

Just go to the Google play store and search for the lite version of the app. Remember before installing the lite version, uninstall the weighty one. The installation should be done by the process of side loading. Facebook, twitter, ecommerce websites and other such popular apps are bringing in the lite version of their application. Thus keep you phone faster and lighter too.

  1. Update the phone on regular basis

Last but not the least this one should not be ignored at any case. Don’t forget to update your phone and check if the apps are updated too. The new ones are available with the bug fixes and the improvement supporting your phone. Some of the manufacturer offers monthly updates while some quarterly or yearly. But whatever may be the process, the updates should be done on regular updates. If the updates are being automatically, then it’s not a problem. But if not then go to the settings, then about phone and then to the system updates. If you find any awaiting updates, do it right then. After all the updates are done see the change of the speed of the phone.


Besides, cleaning up the home screen, turning the GPS off, keeping the brightness low can also make the battery life long for the phone. Constant usage of the phone will surely bring n some changes on its speed and life.

Every time when the phone lacks in speed, we think of a new phone. Well that is a costly way to solve the issue. Instead check out the process to speed it up. Look into the above ways and do it now. They would take up maximum of 15 minutes if you are not an expert. See the change after doing all of them.

Well it’s not magic but logic.  We just guided you to the things which you are overlooking since long time. Hence do that tasks and make you phone work within seconds of your tap and swap.

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