What Are the Future of Smartwatches?


Smartwatches are rapidly gaining attention due to the innovation of technology that added new unique features to each watch. Tech-savvy people consider smartwatches as the best smartphone accessory because it can do more than just tell the time or display the notification from your phone.

The development of technology and new materials used to build new smartwatches are currently one of the best smart devices people use today. Features such as heart monitor or have the capability of tracking your fitness statistics are receiving a lot of attention from many consumers. These technology integrated timepieces have amazed not just the consumers but also many industries.

The market of smartwatches is becoming more and more intense because of the rapid evolving of technology. Every brand of smartwatches is competing with each other to integrate new and innovative features in their smartwatches to gain more customers and sales of their products. Read on to know more about the future of smartwatches.

Apple Watch 5

The series of apple watches never go out of trend because of its unique features that complement every IOS user’s devices. In addition, the Apple watch series is also one of the top-selling timepieces in the smartwatch category. Further, there’s a high chance that Apple will launch the next-generation Apple Watch 5 in the following year.

Since the Apple Watch 4 already contains unique technological features such as Electrocardiogram or ECG sensor with a fall detection sensor. The fall detection sensor enables you to contact emergy services or dismiss the alert whenever the watch detects you’ve taken a hard fall. The watch will tap you on the wrist, sound an alarm, and displays the hard fall alert.

The Apple Watch 4 also has the e-SIM support to operate the universal mobile telecommunications system of the watch to switch to cellular, LTE connectivity. Given that the Apple Watch 4 is already capable of such amazing features, Apple will also be releasing the watchOS. People can expect that the Apple Watch 5 in 2020 might run over the new watchOS.

Best 4G Smartwatch

The Apple Watch 5 will also consist of new fitness features with five unique metrics such as active calories, distance, heart rate, speed, and elapsed time. The fitness feature of the watch such as the tracker will also automatically stop once it detects you’ve stopped walking. The Apple Watch 5 will also have an in-built tracking system and a longer battery life.

ZENITH Defy Classic

The ZENITH Defy Classic is a skeletonized luxury watch that is isn’t as smart as the technologically-packed timepiece like the Apple Watch 5. But, the Zenith Defy Classic is considered the future of tradition because of its unique in-house Elite skeletonized movement.

The smart engineering of the Zenith Defy Classic is enough to be considered as a smartwatch because the materials used to make the watch is well-engineered. The ceramic cases of the Zenith Defy Classic could be worn every day for a long period of time and will show no sign of wear and tear.

Fossil Sport 2

Fossil Group will be launching the nextgen touchscreen smartwatches that comprise of Bluetooth 5.0 technology and cellular, LTE connectivity. Qualcomm is also testing two new chipsets that will have 1GB RAM and 8GB storage space. The current Fossil Sport watch is running the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.

The current Fossil Sport watch is also running the Wear OS powered by Google for users to use Google Assistant and easily access information with a quick swipe. Given that this sports smartwatch is bridging the gap between fashion and technology, many consumers are already satisfied with Fossil Sport, as well as anticipating the release of Fossil Sport 2.


The future of smartwatches is still uncertain due to the integration of technology into these timepieces that could evolve even more as time passes. The smartwatches we have today are evidence of the ever-changing and evolving technology. Timepieces in the future won’t only be used to tell the time but also assist us in our daily lives.

The use of smartwatches we have today is already benefiting many industries with the ease of accessibility of information. The best features of the smartwatches we have now are also watching over us similar to the Apple Watch 4’s fall detection. Unique features that allow watches to take of us more than we take care of them will something be worth waiting for.

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