20+ Best Working Kickass Torrent Mirror Sites List


Have you heard about the KAT torrent sites?

It is the very popular torrent sites that people prefer since its launch in 2008. Commonly the KAT is the abbreviation of the kickass torrent sites.

It is considered as one of the most used site of the torrents by the torrents users. It is one of the most useful sites for the free movies, software, apps and many more games. The most impressive thing about this site is that the team keeps on updating the site with the fresh and latest movies and games. These latest collection are also fast in speed while downloading. You will find no error at the time of downloading.

So got the reason why this is the most popular one among all. Now due to many issues, most of the government agencies have declared a blockage of the usage of this site. Hence, many parts in the world are unable to get access to these sites. But its interesting features are surely made people love it. They cannot give up their liking and here comes the need of the proxy website and mirror sites.

Let’s give you all an idea about the proxies and the mirror sites. Later we would help you get the different mirror sites for the kickass to get the access of the site.

Practically the proxies are the sites which open the original site without direct linking to the original site. It is much like the photocopy of the original website. You will be opening the website of the proxy site, but through it you can get access of the kickass. The request is sent to the proxy site instead of the original website. These are useful when any site is blocked and need to be accessed. The proxy sites will create a new IP address and will sent the request form that new IP address. Thus the original IP address of yours will not be revealed.

The proxy sites are being developed by the torrents groups only. They develop many such sites which will allow the user to get the site access easily. Based on the location, the mirror sites are being developed. So here we provide you a list of those mirror sites which will help to get easy access.

Check the list for the mirror sites of the kickass

List of the mirror sites and the proxy sites:

  1. CD
  2. PW
  3. TOP
  4. TO
  5. to
  6. IO
  7. COM
  8. AM
  9. SE
  10. COM
  12. CH
  13. CO
  14. ST
  15. TO
  18. COM
  19. XOM
  20. ORG
  21. TV.

And there are many more in the list. It goes on to a long list of nearly 60 such sites.

In case the kickass is blocked in your region then easily get the access through these above sites. It is best to use the one which based on your location. Location based proxy sites are much more functional and better than the other options.

Thus enjoy the free browsing and downloading from this kickass website in the best possible way.

Now many may be asking that if it is blocked, then why that is being accessed through other sites? Is it fully safe and legal?

Well, yes it is a great concern of the people who are newly using these sites.

Kickass and other such torrents sites are the one where you can get lot of free movies, games and other interesting things for entertainment.  So the risk of the offence and piracy risks gets increased. Hence for this reasons, the government and different ISP has declared a ban. So the first thing that comes in to consideration is the region. If you belong form a region where kickass can be directly access, then no need to open the proxy and mirror sites.

But in case you belong from a region where the kickass has been called off and banned, then the requirement of the proxy comes. Who don’t want to get the free movies and the software, app, games and different other television programmes. Free downloading of such things of entertainment is always expected by everyone.

To overcome such issues without any hurdle, then get them through the proxy servers. The VPN network keeps the original IP address a secret one and opens the target website through a different one. Hence you are not doing anything illegal. But keep in mind to use the proxy and mirror sites for a limited period of time, otherwise it can be tracked. For a regular users, download a safe VPN converter which would helps in getting the VPN network. This can be helpful before opening any of the torrent sites like the kickass. On getting the VPN, now get to the proxy servers and you are entirely safe. No question of getting into troubles comes after it.


There are different torrents sites which are launching but soon closing due to many issues. Many of these sites are also not supported by browsers like the Google chrome. In those cases, using them through the proxy is a must. Therefore the teams who are maintaining the website are also getting in to the updates of the different proxy sites. Check them out on regular basis as you can get new ones more by one day. They are being developed for the good of the users who c an access the website easily and safely too.

If you are looking for the kickass proxies everywhere on internet, then this one is useful for you. The article mentioned some of the best proxies which are commonly used and got a positive feedback. When you are access the free torrents sites, never ever forget to access them through the mirror sites. Sometimes, some proxies also get blocked at different times. In that case, look for the updates proxy list. They can help them to open the sites in new way. Hope we all can get free movies and game and app in such an easy ways.

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