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How to Install Clean Master App


Clean Master is one of the popular utility apps in the Play Store, and it has been used by thousands of smartphones around the world. Clean master has been trusted by many brands such as HTC, Sony, Asus, Acer, Samsung, ZTE and many other brands authorizing the OEM to the clean master.

The recent reports released by the developer’s team reveal that clean master is the fifth most popular app in the Play Store world. While the popularity is being shared with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp, only these apps have more downloads.

At global brand communication, people claimed that they are looking for few proofs where the app shows any signs of working and do what they have claimed on the apps. The difficulty is that the communication language has become a barrier because of the company never answered these questions publicly.

What Clean Master Does?

I know many of you are already aware of the app functionality that the app can do wonders, but this part is for those who don’t know. There is a limited storage we are aware, and that is RAM (Random Access Memory) which play the leading role especially when you have an application to launch, these apps use the RAM for temporary bases. The RAMS are always on duty so sometimes there are few things which consume the space despite the program, or the function is not active, so that is where a cleaner comes in, Clean Master taken over because it can clean the RAM.

So the debate is about, the Android management system has a decent manager, which manages the RAM, so why do we need so-called “Boosters” and does it make any difference?

Highlights of Clean Master App

In a recent interview, the Developers team has revealed that the Android system does not have an automatic cleaner that carries out to remove unwanted programs and apps that consume the RAM. The clean master comes in handy when you have a process, and you cannot go down to options and remove those apps manually.

To put it in simple words, the Clean Master has been better at background processes, and it is far better than Android system. The Clean Master team has demonstrated live to the interviewer and installed an app “Facebook” and used it for a while then he used Clean Master and asked him to see the difference. The interviewer stated that “I haven’t seen any difference, it is same as before.”

The developer replied, let’s assume that you are playing multiple games on your smartphone and along to the addition you are also watching Youtube then the smartphone can feel the heaviness.

The recent apps menu

The clean master can be used in the background, and you don’t have to manually take care of all of those apps running in the background. You can simply remove from the recent items and run the smartphone faster than before.

What the point to be noted is that many of the users do use multi tasking feature a lot, and you can see that there are many apps are running in the background despite they are not using them, Clean Master might come in handy, but there are also users who do not use the smartphone multitasking feature so does this app can be effective? That’s a point we need to look at.

How to Install Clean Master App

Overheating and scaremongering

What we need and expect from the apps is performance, and there are other matters which need to take into the account. What the clean master chairman addressed is that CPU Cooling is also another matter. Clean Master Dev team has claimed that the app is capable enough to cool the CPU temperature down and the processor can be cooled down by using the app, which will be a tremendous impact on the market if that is true!

Points to note, in few occasions we get to see the cleaner master is that “Security is at risk, specific apps are not safe so install CM Security, which is also a cheetah developer app,” while the apps were also included Chrome, and they are safe products.

Clean Master Dev team replied scammers and hackers looking for an opportunity to make users life challenging and they can take care of such things by installing the CM Security, which was not the question.

The question has been repeated, and the Mr.WU the chairman responded that the app notifications could be disabled and you can get rid of it, but when the smartphone and user privacy is at risk, then the cleaner master has a responsibility to remind the user about the situation and assist them by providing a solution.

The bottom line is that, many of the functions from notification can be disabled and the other non-cleaner master suggestions can be disabled manually or from the settings so that you can enjoy the cleaner master. There are many people who would be standing and might agree the fact that the smartphone does not get faster after using the cleaner master.

The developer’s team added a light weight version for smartphones which are no longer supported or they do not have enough space to keep it on the smartphone. So the company has said that many of the options can be disabled so you can avoid annoying notification popping up in the bar.


You can download the app from the Play Store and avoid using the non-market app. The official version of the app is available on the Google Play Store, and it is free to use on your smartphone.

There are many sites who are offering the APK file but it is highly advised that you download the official app from the Play Store and the recent news has said that there is no impact seen in the smartphone after using it for various reasons. There are many people who argue about it but only the time will prove it.

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