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How to Write a Research Paper about Technology


Technology plays an important role in our daily life. We are confronted with technology everywhere, and it facilitates the execution of our daily activities and helps to perform tasks more effectively. But how to write a research paper on technology? This question often arises among students. Yes, at first it seems like a difficult task. But highly qualified academic writers from Smart Writing Service will tell you the structure of writing, with which you can easily cope with the research work.

Think About the Topic

Finding a topic is one of the main stages of research. The choice of an interesting topic for research work will allow not only to differ favorably from other authors but also to receive a number of advantages. Sound and the actual name in combination with a strong study will allow drawing the attention of listeners. A faded and hackneyed theme will look “battered” and uninteresting.

Determine the Relevance

The relevance of the study is the degree of its importance at the moment and in this situation for solving a particular problem, task or issue. The problem must be feasible, its solution should bring real benefits to the participants of the study. Justifying the relevance of the research topic is a basic requirement for research work, it is an integral part of the introduction of project work. For example, if you are writing a work about robotics, then indicate that such people, in particular, need people with disabilities. That is why they need to be invented to help improve the quality of life of such people.

Selection of Material and Research

When searching for information, use the latest literature, online resources. After collecting the necessary theoretical information, proceed to the beginning of the study. You can conduct an interview, a survey among students, visit an exhibition of technology, etc. If necessary, carry out calculations, measurements, select high-quality and safe material and tools for the experiment.

Formulate the Purpose of the Work and Tasks

The purpose of the study should express the intention of the researcher, the final result of his work. The goal is formulated briefly and accurately and meets the following criteria: completeness of the content, reality of implementation, certainty in time, possibility of control.

For example, you are writing a paper on “Nanotechnology.” The purpose of the research: to find out the application of this science in various fields; find out whether nanotechnology can be dangerous to humans. After the formulation of the project goal, we will indicate the specific tasks that you will have to solve in the process of research work. For example: get acquainted with the history of the development of nanotechnology; to study the main directions and methods of research in the field of nanotechnology.

Work Through the Main Part

In the main part of the research work, make an analysis of theoretical material obtained from literary sources. The content of the chapters of the main part must fully comply with the topic and fully disclose it. These chapters should show the ability of the researcher to succinctly, logically and convincingly express the material. The methodology and technique of research are also considered in detail, the practical part is highlighted, the results are summarized. In the main part of the work, state the essence of your discovery, your own facts, ideas and thoughts about this. Your conclusions and patterns, which were set forth in scientific work – this is a step forward on the path to the knowledge of the truth.

Make a Conclusion

In conclusion, you need to summarize your work, pointing out the advantages and outlining further actions in the study of modern technology. It is important that no new information or new material appears in the report. The conclusion is a summary of your research work. It should be written after the completion of your project. We complete the research work with conclusions. Each conclusion reflects the solution of a specific task posed during the preparation of the study.

Literature Review

Before you write your review of the literature, divide your sources into groups, in accordance with the provisions of the authors. Every literary source should be reflected in the work. Make sure you include conflicting opinions and highlight gaps in the existing literature. It will make your work exhaustive.

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