Review of SmartSpends App

Do you track your expenses monthly? Or aren’t you aware of your monthly expenses?

Don’t worry Times Internet has come up with a unique solution called “SmartSpends”. It is a perfect application for tracking your monthly or daily expenditure without any need of pen and paper and also no need to use a calculator.

You can track your expenses with a single tap on the app.

This app has a set of algorithms which are fed into your phone once the application has been installed. These algorithms start tracking your expenses from the inbox of your messages and clearly organise them into different sections like fuel, hotel bill or grocery bills, etc. This makes your work easier to track your expenses.

All these activities are done under the section called “Spends”.


Another beautiful section of this app is “Card Suggest” where users can take the suggestion from the app. First, you need to enter the details of your credit or debit card. Then, the app suggests you which card can be used to save your money.


In this way, the users of this app can take control of the expenses and become a wise spender.

The next best section is “Bill calendar”, which gives you a reminder of due dates when the bill has to be paid. To be more precise it notifies you of the due date 4 days in advance.


The next favourite section of all users is “Offers”.


We all would like to shop or buy anything when we get good deals and discounts. This section is suitable for you if you are a heavy spender on shopping and restaurants.

This section gives you information about offline deals running in your city and also online deals on sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc.,

The last section of this app is “fun facts”. This section provides you with deals based humour which you can share with your friends and dear ones on WhatsApp, hike and other social media networks for fun.


Overall this app has a good user interface and is also simple to use application for any person. You need not do any complex calculations to track your expenses. The app does its duty smartly as per its name.

You can relax and track your expenses with just a single smart tap on this app. You can easily access it from Google Playstore as it is easily downloadable for all android mobiles that is also free of cost.

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