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The best social media sites have been around for quite a long time. It was only recently, due to the growing popularity of a few firms began to explore ways to market themselves and their products through these viral platforms. What makes social media so great is that in most cases it is completely free to start creating profiles and engage with communities in order to differentiate themselves as authorities in their market.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 social media sites to start with proven results for bloggers and website owners.

1. Facebook

This is by far the most recognizable platform and probably will be for many years to come. Facebook was originally released in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his classmates. This site which was originally released as a university profile site, which is now has more than one billion users and is a globally used. Creating a Facebook profile is very simple and only requires a couple of minutes to do. What’s next is entirely up to you. For personal use , Facebook has unlimited tools, not only to connect with other people you know, but also connect with people who have a similar profile to yours. Creating Facebook for business is another great opportunity to get more traffic to your site website or blog. Many web platforms allows you to integrate your Facebook account on your website or blog, so you can allow your visitors to easily their “like” pages or messages, and products that are of marketing.

2. Twitter

Twitter got its start as a micro blogging site. Through its ease of use and the easiest method of connectivity with others, Twitter has become another great asset to hundreds of thousands of businesses who want to get the new versions and updates of products to the world. Twitter serves a multitude of purposes. You have 140 characters per tweet to send the latest news, trends, talk, and virtually any message you want to reach the masses. Twitter has become a great way to share quickly what is happening in their world and update their followers on the progress of your company or website. Course, Twitter can be used for anything but a cheaper alternative to text messaging. Again, this networking site social is easy to start using. Simply create your profile with an email address and user name. Once you have created, there are a lot of applications that you can use, not just in your website or blog; also a number of mobile devices and Smartphones.

3. Linkedin

Think of Linkedin as a “social networking site.” Unlike Facebook, where it develops a “buddy list”, LinkedIn lets you connect with other professionals in your line of work. The site allows you to upload your curriculum vitae and area specialization. You can easily connect with others based on their profile settings and allow others to easily find based on their current workplace or through connections already established. Linkedin is a great way to advertise what they have been doing in the business world and allows you to chat, send, or update their news the same way that Facebook and Twitter do. Linkedin allows you to link your personal and business websites as well also allows you to link your other social media sites to the account.

4. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a very good platform to use if you already have an established site or blog that you are looking to advertise. Not only you can experience your own pages and posts, but you may like similar sites in your niche market that to develop a high profile sites on your page. Once you establish an account, you can go through and like it or not pages are generated based off of certain keywords or phrases that you put on your profile. As you create a profile or tastes, you can make connections with other people who have the same likes and dislikes as your own. You can StumbleUpon add widgets on their site that allows others to add their site to your profile without having to discover first through StumbleUpon.

5. Google Plus

Who else could be one of the sites of social media authority that the White Whale itself – Google. Though social media has been around a long time, Google is still playing a bit of catch up in this area. Yet, in the last two years, Google Plus has become the go-to site social media for all bloggers trying to get a name for themselves. Google uses “circles” to find and add connections with others. Similar to Facebook, you can specify the type of relationship you have with each of these circles, and allow you to easily connect with others in a similar category. To set up your profile, you can link to as many sites or blogs that you are a “taxpayer” to. This will also allow Google to recognize their contributions and can help you find classification to establish the credibility of your blog.

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