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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Spending lot of time on facebook? Well it’s not only you but many people out there. The social platform can take up a lot of your quality time. Instead you can take that time to do something resourceful. Facebook is now the most popular platform where you can get social with anyone. There are very few people who are not having account in facebook. But still there are a few numbers of people who need to delete or deactivate their account.

There are different such reasons why people want to deactivate the facebook account. Sometimes the facebook account can be deactivated for a limited time or can be deleted permanently. But the process may not be known to you. Hence here we share the guide and instruction to deactivate it and delete the account permanently. The deactivated process can be recovered later one but the permanent one will delete it permanently. We will be sharing both the process in details. You might also want to look into a company to remove personal information from internet, but that is a whole different process that can be much more difficult.

The difference between the two process- deactivating and deletion

Let’s first give you an idea about the two different techniques. One is the deactivating and the other one is the delete.

In short the deactivating of the account will disable you and your profile. It will remove your name and photos and will not show the shared things. But you will not be deleted from the friend’s list of your friends. You will be there still after you deactivate. Only a message of the deactivating will be send to your friends to let them inform about your absence for a temporary period. You can again log in into the deactivated account to activate it again.

Whereas on other hand, deleting is the process which can delete the account on permanent basis.  The facebook says that they can delete the account only when you pass away.  On deleting it the information about you and related to you will be taken back and will not be retrieved in any way. The content and the information will also be deleted for permanent basis. Thus it is a permanent way to go away from the facebook platform.

Here is the basic difference between the two processes. So choose between the two processes according to your desire. The processes of doing any of them are explained below. Follow the steps and it is quite easy to apply. But think twice is you are doing anything permanently about the facebook platform. Or you may regret about it later.

Process to deactivate the facebook account

For the deactivation follow these steps:

  1. Log In in to your facebook account.
  2. After you log in go to the settings
  3. Then “manage your account”
  4. Click on the “deactivate your account”

There is another alternative way to deactivate the account.

  1. Visit the url
  2. Select manage your account
  3. Deactivate your account.

Thus deactivating is quite easy to do. This will just put a hold on the information and the activities of your account. Thus it is a good option to feel you absence from facebook friends and let them miss you.

How to delete it in easy ways?

Now we will discuss about the deletion of the facebook account. It is a way by which you can remove your presence over the facebook on permanent basis. Follow these steps to do the task:

Visit the website

But keep in mind that even after deleting the facebook account, the data will be removed which needs a time of minimum 90 days. Until then your data are saved in a back up and copied.

But the messages that you had already sent to your friends and the posts shared will be there even after the delete of the account.

There is a section “learn more about the account deletion”, you can get all the information about the deletion process from here too. On just a click your facebook account will not be able to be retrieved in any way out. In case you change your mind of using the platform again you have to start from the scratch. It is similar like your begin the facebook journey at first. Open an account and start finding the friends in new way. But retrieving the lost account is not possible after you opt the delete button in any way out.

Now we knowingly or unknowingly shared many information and photos over facebook which are valuable. They are important in our life.

So what to do if you delete your account? Obviously they will also get deleted.


But wait a minute. There is also a way to get them before the deletion process is being done. You can easily download the data from the facebook before you delete it permanently.

For downloading the data from facebook, go to the settings and the general account setting will be opened. There you will get the option of the “download a copy of your facebook data”. Click on it and you get the bunch of information and everything about yourself.

Facebook is a place where everyone communicates as per their convenience. It is not a place where you can only waste your time. Take from the digital marketing to the information sharing, it is much more helpful in every aspect. So know how to make use of it. Know the resourceful ways to make use of it. Really you will find it useful and will not delete your account. facebook is now a way to find the right solution for the people who love to socialize and make money too.

In case you need to get a off from the facebook, then deactivating can be a good choice. In this case you can retrieve your account in the way that you have deactivated it. Nothing will be lost or deleted. But when you delete it permanently, then surely you will not get them back. Even when you request the concerned body, it is not possible for them to give you anything. So be prepared to loss all the data that you have once share don this social media. Hence be careful when you decide to delete it

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