ES File Explorer Apk Download Latest v4. for Android

ES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs. It comes with a multitude of additional features such as a tool for killing running applications, direct cloud drive storage (via Drop box, Google Drive, or Sky drive), and an FTP client so you can use it both on your mobile device as well as your PC. The program allows any Android user to easily manage all of their files, being able to access anything on their mobile device and then share it, If they so want to. Uploading photos, watching movies, and managing your 3G connection is now even easier. When working with your files, You will have the classic options you are accustomed to on desktop computers, such as copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename. But, you can also send files to anybody via email. Check steps to download ES File Explorer Apk for Android below.

You can also decompress ZIP or RAR files, access the contents of documents in many different file types, and even access the content on your computer via a WiFi network. ES File Explorer is a very useful tool for those more advanced Android users, as it will place tons of possibilities at your fingertips.The app’s Home screen is, in fact, more complete than what’s offered on your device normally, with a quick view of local content, the amount of internal storage available and access to the main management tools.

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This is the appeal of the app – It’s a viable replacement for and evens an improvement over what lots of other installed tools do. A good example is its photo viewer, which is quite a lot faster than the insufferable Google Photos and in this case is compatible with the pictures you have uploaded to your online account. Not to mention the super-fast integrated music and video players.

What are the Features of ES File Explorer Application?


So summing up these are the major features of ES File explorer

  • Extracting the content from any android App– This feature is important when you want to play game on Android and you want to see its music file or you want to extract images for your wallpaper.
  • Mounting a pen drive on android using the es file manager – For this you will need an OTG cable along with rooted android device which supports pen drive, ES file explorer, stick mount android app, OTG cable.
  • Using a new browser ES file explorer – ES explorer has got built in apps like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. This is not a substitution of the original app but rather the original app itself. In this way you can save a lot of battery along with data as well.
  • Edit host files on Android – Like Computer, Android also has a host file, which is used to map host names to its IP addresses.But if you want to block a particular website for the kids then you can simple edit the host file by copying the website name to localhost i.e. your android.
  • Create encrypted files with password protection – If there is anyt data in your phone which you do not want others to see, then ES explorer is the best option.  For this you  do not have to download an extra app for that. You can easily do so with the help of an ES explorer.
  • Increase your flappy bird score – Install the game Flappy bird and play it at least for once. Then from your ES file explorer, you need to navigate to the folder of flappy bird. You can find it under Local > device > data > data >com.dotgears.flappy bird >shared_pref> flappyBird.xml.
  • Hiding media from gallery – if you wish that a particular content should cease to appear in your gallery then you should use ES explorer’s option and do the same by adding a full stop before its name.
  • Quickly Uninstall multiple apps – In normal condition, you need to press on individual app and then uninstall them, but with ES explorer to your rescue you can simply need to go to the app section of explorer and tap on the apps you want to uninstall and they will all get uninstalled together.
  • Browsing android files from your PC – When you want to transfer big files from your computer to your phone, this one might actually come useful. Turn on the remote manager from your ES explorer and then you can start the service, once it starts you will see a FTP URL.
  • Accessing your Computer from Android over WiFi – Browsing your computer becomes all the more easily when you can access it directly from your mobile. This is possible only through ES File explorer. Go to fast access menu by swiping the screen from left to right.

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Download ES File Explorer APK for Android Device:

These are the steps you need to follow when you want to download ES File Explorer:

  • Download the latest version of ES File Explorer APK from Here.
  • Connect your tablet or smart phone with a laptop and copy the same file to the internal storage of your device.
  • Disconnect the device from PC
  • Enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources on your device by going to settings > security > check “allow unknown sources”.
  • Once enabled go to the file which you have copied in step 2 and tap on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the APK file
  • After successful installation, launch the ES File manager app from the app drawer.


Concluding, ES File Explorer may look like any other file manger but it is much more than that. ES Explorer therefore has many hidden benefits, and unless you know its full benefit you can never actually use it to the fullest extent. This single app works the job of 15 other apps.

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