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With the technological advancement and opening up of the internet highways, mobile phones have turned smart and are being used by most of the people. These intelligent Android devices can do many things like surfing the internet, downloading movies and songs, receiving emails and files and folders, and even doing online payment transactions. However, without a fully functional ES File explore APK for Android device, it is impossible to manage the function. It works as a file manager and an application manager, FTP client, cloud storage client that is compatible with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and many more. The application is available free and is quite lightweight and do not take much space on the mobile.

The downloading of the ES File Explorer APK for Android Device simple and can be downloaded on the Android devices from the play store and enjoy the benefits. The android application package of APK can give the user all the information on the phone like the music and movies stored, number of images in the device. One can also get information about other apps on the device and the storage space condition while the contents are using them. It helps to create shortcuts to bookmarks, network-related tools, and other tools for quick access of the items in the phone that are frequently used by the user on the device.

Downloading ES File Explorer Apk: 


After downloading the ES File Explorer APK for Android Device, will be surprised to see the features and get the advantages. The app has a Favorite section that is built in to browse social networking sites, YouTube, and other Google services. Again, the local section is perfect for exploring the SD card of the device. It is easy to organizing and modifying the files or the folders without any bottleneck.

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The Benefits Of Downloading:

Unless the benefits of downloading ES File Explorer APK for Android Device were not that much, there would not have been a craze for it. There are multiple benefits, and one should know about them.

  • Copying And Pasting As the app has a sturdy clipboard, it allows the user to copy, cut, or paste any folders or files multiple times.  One needs to select the desired files and click the option Copy or cut and needs to tap clipboard and paste it. One can paste on any directory multiple times and can also clear the files on the clipboard after the work is complete.
  • Renaming Files And The Folders The app allows for renaming the files in bulk that are stored in the Android device. One needs t go to the location and select multiple files after putting checkmarks against each of them and tap the Rename option, and a batch Rename window will open up. One can assign any file name suffixing or prefixing a number and can even change the title and click OK to get the desired results.
  • Searching Local Files – One of the significant problems that everybody faces is to search the archives in the Android device, and it is very time-consuming. The ES File Explorer has the option of exploring the required file by keywords and even by category giving input in the Search Box. One can also go for advanced search using the file size and the creation and the modification of the files.
  • Changing The Properties Of The Folder If the device is rooted, then the root explorer that is included in the app helps to change the properties of the files so that not everyone can have access to the files or can modify the contents. It allows not disclosing the properties to others for various reasons.
  • Creating Or Opening Zip Files – Often, it is quite tough to compress the file size in the Android devices.  With the ZIP options available in the app, one can compress many files stored on the device and save lots of storage space that typically get filled for many users. Again sending the data in a compressed manner using the mobile data saves time and the usage of the data.
  • Easy To Transfer Files Using The USB Drive These days, one captures photos and videos on their Android phones. At times they need to be transferred to other devices using a pen drive. With this app downloaded and installed in the Android device one only needs to plug in the USB pen drive and transfer the photos or videos or watch any images or videos on the mobile device that are stored in the flash drive.
  • Changing The Folder Views And Sorting The Files And Folders The app conveniently changes the look and the icon size of the files and folders and sort the files according to file size, date created or modified, ascending order or descending order and many more. It works the same way that one uses the File Explorer in the Windows operating system.
  • Allows Creating Encrypted Files And Folders With Password Protection Options Although the Android devices come with a host of security options like the patterns and passwords, one can have a second layer of security t maintain more confidentiality with the Encrypt option that is featured in the app. Again one can decrypt the files and folders when that layer of security is needed.

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Thus, we can see why many users download ES File Explorer APK for Android Device. The benefits of using the app are many, and it is available free in the play store. It is time that all become little smarter using their smart Android devices and down and install this app.

It is time to make the best use of the Android device not only saving the storage space but also for protecting the contents stored or transferring the files and folders to other USB devices.  This fully-featured manager app for the Android devices is a boon to the users to increase the flexibility of their devices without any worries. Download it and feel the difference.

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