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How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Browser?


The internet is a vast place which has millions of stuff and some of which are not for kids. Some are spams and some are completely irrelevant as well. As a parent, you don’t want to let your child go through these kinds of contents, also spending too much time on social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram or gaming sites is not at all good for the young minds of children. On a different perspective though, if you are running any institute such as a college or a university then there are certain browsing restrictions regarding numerous different sites due to security reasons as well.

Now, most of the people use Google Chrome as a default browser because of its interactive and easy to use nature. In the Chrome browser, of your PC there are some techniques with which you can create restricted access sites or in other words block those sites which are not required.

Block Websites on Google Chrome

There are some sites as well which try to steal your sensitive information and also send malware viruses as well. The Google Chrome blocks these kinds of spammy sites automatically. If you want other sites to be blocked, you have to put the site’s information and the browser will automatically block it.

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Ways to Block Websites on Chrome for Windows PC:

  1. Block Sites With The Help Of Chrome Extension Named As Block Site:

This is known to be among the best options for blocking sites via the Chrome browser. Also, it is the most trustable tool when we talk about the efficiency of it. It has already crossed 1 million downloads on the internet. The Block site has certain features and characters. Here is the detailed method of using Block site;

  • First, you have to separately install the block site application from the Internet and after that add the Block Site Chrome Extension on your Chrome browser. This will show an icon at the top right corner of your webpage. Now, for blocking websites, simply right-click on the respective page(s) and then select block site followed by select, add current site to block list. After this, the site will be added to your block list.

Blocked Words: It blocks the URL(s) which contains the given words for omitting by you. It is known to have a list of keywords that are blocked. Also, there is a feature where the user can add more keywords to the list.

Active Days and Times: with the help of this particular feature you will be able to set the time of blocking the sites and the sites will stay blocked for a particular time period.

Password Protection: By using this feature you will be able to set a particular password for the blocked sites, you will be sending the password in the extensions and hence your child won’t be able to change the settings.

Incognito Mode: the blocked sites can be accessed with the help of this feature. You can see the contents of the blocked sites in the incognito mode. For doing this you have to go to Google Chrome extension list and on the block site extension followed by allowing the incognito option.

Import/Export Block List: you can also import/export your block list to different devices so that you will be able to block the same sites in different devices as well without any hassle.

Other Options: There are simple ON/OFF button for all its functions hence, you can quickly change the settings. Here you will be able to convert the Blacklist into Whitelist for visiting only those sites and other such options.

Somme other blocking tools are there as well in the Chrome browser itself which you can also try, these include;

  • Website Blocker(Beta)
  • Nanny for Google Chrome
  • Stay Focused
  1. Block Websites Using Chrome Options:

The sites can be also blocked also by not using any kind of extensions or software, just only via Chrome browser but this has a lot of disadvantage. Anyone who has a bit of knowledge regarding this subject can easily unblock the sites. For blocking sites from the Chrome, you have to open the Chrome browser first followed by going to the menu and going to Advanced settings. Now here you will find a network tab, change the proxy settings in the network tab and then under the security tab click on the restricted site’s icon and then click on the sites button. From here you can add or remove sites for blocking.

  1. Block Sites Using Software:

The main limitation regarding the above-mentioned method is that your child can use simply other browsers for accessing the forbidden sites. So, a secure or full proof way for blocking sites is to install some third-party software that will be controlling your complete device and prevent the misuse of it as well.

One such software is called Hide Tool Employee Monitor or Hide Tool Parental Control. Although it is a premium tool, there is a free trial version which you can test before buying it.

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How to Block Website on Android Chrome Browser:

Every android device we bought, there will be a Google Chrome Browser in it, preinstalled. You can block certain sites in the mobile as well directly via the Chrome browser.

There are numerous antivirus apps available in the Google Play Store which you can download in your mobile and stay protected. There are numerous mobile sites which make you download malware and virus and hence blocking those sites is a must.

There are numerous mobile security apps and antivirus which you can use in case of blocking sites. No direct options are there in the browser with which you will be able to block sites you have to use only third-party apps for this function.

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

  • This is a complete mobile security app which comes with a lot of features and one of them is blocking certain websites. The app has millions of downloads and is completely safe to use.
  • For using this app, first, download the app from the Play Store.
  • After the install is complete initial setup process will be happening and after that is done go to web protection option but you need to purchase the software for being able to use the web protection feature.
  • Now, this particular feature checks the entire link which you visit and identifies spam or malicious sites. From there you can create a block list or you can create a block list of your own.

Sometimes, it becomes important to block certain sites for kids or at offices. These ways are highly helpful in doing the same.

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