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UC Browser Mini Apk Download Latest Version for Android Devices


In the current digital trend, smart gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have been playing a crucial part in every person’s lifetime. The desktop practice has become notably much less compared to smartphones. Android has set out to become a considerably comprehensive mobile operating system. Browsing the internet on Android devices is much easier when you have a standard browser. Most of us assume Google Chrome is one of the widely accessed browsers that provides you to browse anything on the internet anytime irrespective of the location.

Furthermore, there is an outstanding mobile browser that renders you with a surpassing ability to browse anything with agile and constant exploration. It is none other than UC Browser Mini for Android. Here is everything you need to know about the UC Browser Mini. Check out the detailed guide on how to download UC Browser Mini for Android device provided in this post. We have come up with in-depth information about this app for your Android device alongside the installation procedure. Have a look!

UC Browser Mini Apk

Write About UC Browser Mini Apk?

Alibaba Group originally designed and developed the UC Browser as a mobile browser for all the Android users. The original author of this browser is UCWeb. UCWeb is a Chinese Mobile Internet firm which was formerly originated in the year 2004 as a J2ME Application. Further, the UC Browser is made compatible with various mobile platforms that include Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry, Java ME, and Symbian. UC Browser is one of the most widespread mobile internet browsers which is currently used by more than 400 million users across the globe in more than 150 countries and other places.

The UC Browser Mini is one of the reliable and trustworthy browsers which is completely controlling for the high-speed and permanent downloads. This browser operates with the support of its regulating servers. This browser enables you to surf anything on the net anytime with much support and flexible search. The content that you download from this browser can be paused if you’re involved with some business. Later, you can simply resume it whenever you have rest time. Using this browser, one can even watch their preferred online videos, TV shows, and movies. The UC Browser is compatible with a total of 7 most popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Windows phone, Windows CE, Bada, Tizen and much more platforms.

How to Download and Install UC Browser Mini Apk for Android devices:

One can easily download the latest version of UC Browser Mini APK for their Android device. There are two instances to download UC browser for your Android device. One is that you can download the APK file of UC Browser given below. We have come up with a detailed step by step procedure to download and install UC Browser Mini for Android device using the APK file. Check it out!

Method 1: Install UC Browser Mini APK Online:

Follow the below steps to download and install the fastest mobile browser on Android device via the apk file.

  • The installation of the UC Bowser APK file is much simpler.
  • You need to enable the third-party installation permission on your Android phone.
  • For enabling app permissions from your phone, you need to go to Settings >> security >> toggle Unknown Sources option.
  • You can then download UC Browser Mini APK the latest version through the direct link on this post.
  • Go to the notifications shade and tap the install button.
  • You will then get a message that says ‘Do you want to install this application?’
  • Just hit the Install button and begin the installation process.
  • Provide permissions to this app so that it gains access to various apps on your device.
  • In a few seconds, the UC Browser Mini APK installation will be finished on your Android phone.
  • At last, tap the finish button and close the window.
  • You can then go to the home screen of your Android device and find the icon of UC Browser Mini application.
  • Just click it and launch your favorite browser right from your Android phone.

Method 2: Install UC Browser Mini via Play Store:

As mentioned earlier, there are two different ways to install UC Browser Mini on Android phone. We have explained the first method in the above post. Another approach is you can also download UC Browser Mini from the Google Play Store. We all know that the Google Play Store is the official app store wherein we can find various Android apps, games, books, movies, music and more for free and for subscriptions as well. Download the UC Browser Mini app from Google Play Store absolutely for free of cost. This app does not come with any in-app purchases, which is especially an incredible opportunity for all Android users. This browser is perfect for those who are in search of the powerful browser with diverse integrated features and customization options.

How to Use UC Browser Mini Apk for Android Device:

In order to use the UC Browser Mini browser on your Android device, just navigate to the browser and launch it. You can find the search field through which you can start exploring the internet. The best point about UC Browser Mini is that the users can download the content at a high-speed sans any disturbing issues like buffering. On this browser, you can find an exclusive option such as the fast mode that loads any website at a rapid speed. You can easily explore your preferred websites at great ease through the UC Browser Mini mobile browser.

UC Browser Apk for Android

Why UC Browser for Android?

UC Browser Mini is an excellent alternative for most of the web browsers available on the web. It is a great mobile browser, especially for Android platform users. It offers an impressive user interface and renders the best features that let you enjoy a perfect browsing experience. Gesture control is one of the best features that we can witness on UC Browser Mini app. Through this feature, the users can access different functions just through the gesturing on the screen. It delivers the ability to switch between different tabs in a faster manner.

The users can search for anything through this browser via voice commands. Apart from this, the UC Browser Mini for Android provides a night mode feature. This particular feature helps the users to browse the internet without much bright light. You can protect your eyes from the high-intensity light rays that come from your mobile device during night time. It is a compelling browser that offers an extensive range of features.

We have several other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin browser and more. It provides timely updates to all the users and enhances the features and performance of this browser on a regular basis. As this is a mini version of the UC Browser, it is pretty identical to the standard version of this browser. It provides the browsing experience quite similar to the old UC Browser app. It is a very light-weight application and is ideal for the best Android devices.

Requirements of UC Browser Mini Apk:

Are you seeking to download UC Browser Mini apk on Android? If so, you must meet the following requirements to install UC Browser Mini on your Android device. We have mentioned the basic system pre-requisites for installing UC Browser on Android. Check it out!

  • Download the latest version of UC Browser Mini APK v12.9.7.1158 on your Android phone from the trusted third party website.
  • Ensure that you need to have an active internet connection for running UC Browser on your phone without any interruption.
  • Make sure that your Android device has enough storage space to install this app on your device.
  • Run the latest version of your Android platform that ranges between Android 4.1 and higher versions of the operating system.

Features of UC Browser Mini Apk:

Here are some of the significant features of UC Browser Mini for your Android device:

  • UC Browser Mini presents “Speed Mode” which is an incredible feature that helps you explore any website with absolute speed.
  • There is an auto pager feature which loads multiple pages together so that you can have a look at the content on multiple pages with much support.
  • The browser is compatible with several features such as cloud downloading, multi-task, background with auto reconnection.
  • There is also a unique browsing mode named Incognito mode that guards your privacy.
  • One of the advantageous features of this browser is that it has an AdBlock function that helps us to get cleared of those annoying ad banners and pop-up advertisements.
  • This UC browser Mini also renders Night Mode feature so that you can turn to that mode if you want to read more at night with much comfort and further it serves to preserve your eyes in the dark. It even diminishes the battery consumption.
  • The UC Browser is available across different locations in 7 different languages such as English, Tamil, Telugu, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, French and much more.
  • It offers a clean and intuitive user interface that shows a redesigned exploration page with simple settings.
  • The size of the UC Browser Mini is just 12 MB. Hence, it saves much of your storage space on your Android device.
  • This browser compresses the data and enhances your navigation across different websites. Besides this, this app saves much of your cellular data congestion.

Other Features:

Some other beneficial features of UC Browser Mini include the following:

  • Ad Blocker
  • Data Saving
  • Fast Browsing
  • Incognito Browsing
  • Night Mode
  • Quick Search
  • Smart Downloading
  • Tiny Size

Pros of UC Browser:

Check out the advantages of UC Browser Mini for your Android device:

  • Unique download manager
  • Numerous smart decisions blend to generate a rapid and uninterrupted browsing experience
  • Absolutely free to access on mobile phones

Cons of UC Browser:

Here are some of the disadvantages or limitations of UC Browser Mini for Android phone:

  • Several options to access a better interface
  • Useless notifications on a frequent basis

UC Browser Mini Alternatives:

Check out some of the best alternatives to the UC Browser Mini for your Android device:

  1. Google Chrome

It is the best web browsers available as a mobile browser too. Google launched the Chrome browser in the year 2008 that helps the users to browse across the internet. It provides abundant security features, extensions and more.

  1. Opera

It is another best alternative to UC Browser Mini browser. It is a popular browser just like the Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Compared to IE Browser, Opera is the fastest one.

  1. Safari

It is one of the best Apple designed web browsers available for all Apple iOS device platforms. It is a ubiquitous browser that renders amazing browsing experience for all the users.

  1. Opera Mini

It is the mini browser for iPhone and iPad devices. It saves more than 90 percent of your cellular data and doesn’t require much of your internet data pack for browsing. It blocks the advertisements and enhances the speed of your browsing. It provides multiple in-built features on the news feed.

  1. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox acts and the best alternative to UC Browser Mini. It delivers enhanced browsing experience at a rapid speed to all the users. Moreover, users can secure their data while browsing the internet. It offers a user-friendly design with an intuitive interface.

  1. Brave Browser

It is another best alternative to UC Browser Mini that has the ability to block ads and trackers. It is the fastest and safest browser for all Android users. It is pretty complex compared to the remaining browsers.


That’s it! These are the two different ways to download and install UC Browser Mini APK v12.9.7.1158 app on your Android device. This is everything you need to know about UC Browser APK for Android. Hope this guide provides you with a detailed guide on UC Browser Mini installation on Android. We have even included the features, benefits, downloading and installation process for UC Browser APK for your Android phone. If you still have any doubts, just ask us through the comments section below. We send the solutions to all your doubts through the comments space.

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