Achieving digital well-being begins to be a vital necessity for those users who use the Internet every day and everything that surrounds it. In fact, as indicated by a study prepared by the Truth consultancy for Google, managing the use that children make of technology is a concern for 73% of parents.

The same study indicates that the age range, in which they are most concerned about what children do with technological devices, is from 7 to 14, because at these ages, many already have their own phone or tablet and, in general, have less parental control. And it goes further, reporting that 77% of parents want help to improve the digital well-being of their children. For their assistance, there are solutions available in the shape of Android parental controls. There are apps like FamilyTime that offer these controls. To know how does the app work, read below:

Android Parental Controls for kids’ digital wellbeing

The digital wellbeing of kids is undoubtedly attached to their digital exposure. And as we all know, kids act childish in most of the situations, and they prioritize fun over their safety. Knowing this fact, tech experts have developed an app called FamilyTime.

The app offers avid Android parental controls and helps parents protect their kids. With FamilyTime Android App in hand, parents can:

  • Know their contacts and see their call logs
  • Protect their kids from pornographic and vulgar content on the web by letting them know the frequently visited URLs along with the date and time details on their kids’ device
  • Prevent video gaming or social networking addiction by blocking addictive or questionable apps
  • Keep their kids away from screen by allowing them to schedule auto screen lock using the FamilyTime dashboard
  • Avert the chances of sexting by monitoring sent or received text messages on their kid’s mobile device
  • Ensure their kids are not sneaking to any dangerous places by letting them check the location history on their kids’ cell phone

And much more. You can explore the FamilyTime app and can have a look at all its valuable features for free with the trial version of the app. Another good news is that the FamilyTime app is also available for iOS users and can work for both platforms without any hassle. For instance, if you are using iPhone and your kid has an Android device, you can still monitor their activities through the FamilyTime app and can implement your required parental controls too.

To get the trial version, simply go to the Google Play Store or iTunes and download the app.

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