Viber Capabilities on Android/Windows PC


During the years of 2010, texting was one of the trending ways to communicate, but many were using it at a limit as they have to worry about the bill which the network is going to charge. Networks usually charge per message which is annoying but until Android apps took over with amazing features. With time many apps came to light with extraordinary features in mind. Messaging apps hit the Android market with powerful features like Texting using a data connection, which is cheaper than the cellular one. As for how cheap? You can read this comprehensive article on Dailywireless for more information on how much you’ll be saving.

With time these very apps started to work on the upgrading the texting to voice call over 2G and 3G networks. One of them which stunned the Android market is Viber, allows you to text, video calls and regular calling system over the mobile internet.

Viber Capabilities on Android/Windows PC

You can get official Viber on you Pc and Android, and you can access your smartphone Google Play Store and download the Viber app for free of cost. Since Viber’s motive is to provide free voice and video calls to all Windows, Symbian, Android and iOS users. You can even try the Windows PC based Viber, and the only rule is, you are allowed to use one account for one associated account.

Many apps are now switching to confirming your authenticity by using level two security measure such as Whatsapp, which ask you to enter your number to continue and the same procedure has been used in the Viber case. After the installation of Viber you need to enter your mobile number to continue, once you are done with the confirmation message. You can keep using the popular app Viber.

If you are planning to use Viber on your Tablet (Without sim), then you are not in luck because the Viber is made to tie with the Smartphone and SIM. For better or worse reason you are prohibited using the app on two different smartphones. If you want to move your Viber account o another smartphone then make a backup then restore your data on the new smartphone and make sure to remove the previous version of Viber.

Viber for PC: Download Viber for Free on Windows 10/ 7/ 8/ Mac

Viber for PC Download

Now let’s move on to the downloading part. If you are a Windows user using Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1 then your version of Windows is compatible with Viber PC version. If you have never done this before and if this is your first time doing then follow my lead.

  • Go to the official Windows website of Viber.
  • Then you will be directed to the page and Hit on “Get Viber.”
  • Install the software after the download is finished.
  • Now then its time to fire up the Viber Windows version.
  • The app will ask you to Enter your existing account.
  • Enter the details and login.

If in case, you have trouble while logging in then you can contact the Viber developers team.

Download Viber For PC (Android App): New Look

For all better, the app has been upgraded the interface and the way it works. The Viber has added new features, and they have also made the user interface even better so that the users can access the contacts, groups chats, and chats in a modern way.

Viber added more informative features to make sure that whom you are texting and talking to, and also they have added interesting options like when you are calling a Viber to Viber call then the chat tabs also created in a separate tab so that your chats are not interrupted, which is a smart way to keep the work going. While on the call, you do not have to have to look for more information manually because Viber has added options where the information of the caller is displayed such as Incoming or outgoing, There must be some of your friends who are not on Viber, so you can invite your friends to join Viber alongside with you.

Did you know that you can also make your Viber receive Viber non-users to receive incoming calls from different networks, and it works for almost all major networks. Not only that, when you are not using your smartphone Viber, and it is idle, the Viber adds end-to-end encryption Voice, Text, and other files, a special layer of protection to the  Viber. So your data is secured and also it is advised to install an Anti-virus app on your smartphone.

Viber For PC Installer

Have you heard of Viber-out? Perhaps you have not, then the name of the app came because Viber can call out of the then country to not-Viber users for a low price. If you have a relative, sibling, friend or family member, then you can get Viber Out to call your caring person for a low price. The other person of the phone does not need to learn how to use Viber.

Viber constantly has promoted the Viber Out so that they can generate revenue to run their free services and also benefit the Founders and the team financially, however that doesn’t mean that you are going to experience a cheap quality of service, you can always count on the developers for giving out the best for you guys so you can get better service at a reasonable price. Now you might be excited but let me break this to you guys so that you can get it right if you are from the USA and want to contact somebody from the USA then it won’t work. You can make calls from the USA to any other country. Now don’t just start to assume things.


In the recent years, the Viber might not be popular as it is now because the company has been facing a lot of issues lately as the followers are not using Viber on daily basis. Viber needs to add and attract the lost users from competitors. Viber Out has been doing great as they sales has been increasing for a while now. Many has reported to use Viber for professional reasons.

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