Top 18 Best Game Recording Software for Windows Operating System

Do you like playing games on your PC or laptop? Do you want to record your gaming experience? If yes, then this article is meant for you. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 18 game recording software for systems based on Windows operating system.

Let us explore more about such game recording software.

Best Game Recording Software Available for Windows 2018:

There is so many open source software available over the Internet which lets users record their gaming sessions. However, most such software does not record screen at a good resolution. Hence, we have come up with some brilliant and amazing software which lets game lovers record their gaming session in a high-quality resolution. These software’s are designed to record games under Windows environment.

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Game Recording Software

Now, have a look at the list to know more about the game recording software.

1. Open Broadcaster Software: The best screen recording software:

The Open broadcaster software is one of the best screen recording software which lets the user record their gaming session in high-quality. It is an open source software and only supported by the Windows operating system. It has an easy-to-use and simple user interface. It allows users to record screen while playing games in MP4 as well as FLV format.

2. Action: A high-quality screen recording software:

The Action! recording software is supported by all the versions of Windows operating system. It is capable of recording the real-time screen of the PC in HD video quality. This software is capable of recording gaming session, web player videos and music as well. This software also enables the user to capture screenshots and remotely access your PC with Android devices.

3. XSplit Gamecaster: An amazing screen recording tool:

The XSplit Gamecaster is a screen recording tool which is widely used for recording screen during gameplay in your PC or laptop. It has two versions in which one is free and open source whereas other is a paid version.

4. Dxtory: An interesting movie capture tool:

The Dxtory tool allows you to record gameplay in your Windows PC by adjusting the quality of the recording. This tool is generally implemented by the DirectX and OpenGL applications.

5. WM Capture: The desktop screen recording tool:

The VM capture tool allows you to record a specific portion of the desktop screen. However, you can record the complete screen too.

6. ShadowPlay: Another interesting screen recording application:

The ShadowPlay software is developed by the Nvidia Corp as part of its GeForce Experience software. It implements GeForce GPUs in order to record screen.

7. Bandicam: A lightweight screen recorder:

The Bandicam can be defined as the screen recording software that is supported by the Windows operating system. It allows you to record your PC screen in a high-quality resolution. You can also record a particular area on the PC screen by using DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies.

8. D3DGear: A game recording tool:

D3DGear is a game recording tool which enables users to record their gameplay sessions without affecting other system programs. It does not make the game slower, unlike other applications. It records screen in a high resolution with small video size. D3DGear also supports various features such as microphone recording, Push-To-Talk recording and face camera overlay recording.

Game recording softwares

9. Fraps: Another game recording tool:

The Fraps is a Window-based application which is used to record games that use DirectX and OpenGL technology. This tool is capable of recording audio as well as video up to 7680×4800 resolution with frame rates ranging from 1 to 120 frames per second.

10. Windows 10 Game Bar: An inbuilt recording tool:

The Windows 10 Game Bar is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10. You are required to press Window Key + G in order to open a game bar while playing the game. Click on the buttons to start or stop recording.

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11. An interesting recording application:

The is the best application for gamers to record their gameplay and replay the recorded videos. You can record high-quality videos with this application with a small video size. It is very easy to use and has an attractive user interface.

12. MSI Afterburner: A popular screen recording tool:

The MSI Afterburner is one of the most popular and commonly used screen recording tools which provides complete functionality to the users of their graphics cards. It also provides complete information about the supported hardware components. It has various features such as customized fan profiles, benchmarking and video recording.

13. Smartpixel: Another screen recording tool:

The Smartpixel tool allows users to record gaming sessions and share them directly on social media such as YouTube, Google+ etc. One of the amazing features of this application is the size of this tool. Its size is very small as compared to other screen recording tools.

14. Camtasia: the best screen recording application:

The Camtasia is a screen recording application which eases the task of video recording. It supports features known as drag-and-drop editor and video assets which assists users to edit the recorded videos.

15. ZD Soft Screen: A wonderful screen recording application:

The ZD soft screen is a screen recording application which provides high-quality resolution video. It uses the GPU-accelerated screen capture technology in order to record high-quality videos.

16. Radeon ReLive: A recognized screen recording application:

The Radeon ReLive application is a type of screen recording tool which can capture, stream and share your gaming experience over social media platform. This tool allows the user to capture videos as well as grab screenshots.

17. OBS classic: A fabulous open source recording application:

The OBS classic tool is a recognized open-source application used for recording gaming sessions. You can also broadcast your game streams on platforms like Twitch.

18. Filmora Scrn: A professional screen recording application:

The Fillmore Scrn is a screen recording application which comes with an inbuilt video editor. It allows you to record and edit the recorded videos. It also allows you to capture a specific portion of the screen with the system audio, microphone, and the webcam at the same time.


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