Top 10 Cool Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks


Most of us are avid Windows users. We love it for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. However, we might be unaware of the tricks that we can explore over Windows to make its user more fun and exciting. Moreover, it can ease the way of the functioning of Windows. It might also seem to you something that only the tech guys would be interested in. But, once you start using the Windows Command Prompt tool and delve deeper, you would eventually fall in love. Now, all these command prompt tricks commonly known as the CMD tricks must not be known to everyone. So, let’s get started.

Viewing command’s results one page at one time

There are certain dir commands that provide you with so much information at a time that it almost bamboozles you. But, you can have it your own way, one page or one line at a single time. All you have to do is type the command as you would do, then following that type the dir command which should again follow more command. Now the trick lies in the more command, which will not let the next page follow immediately and confuse you furthermore. You can then simply make sure of the spacebar to view the following page.

Command Prompt Tricks

Top 10 Cool Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks and Hacks:

The function keys are like the secret to your Command prompt. F1 can paste the command that you have last executed, that too one by one character. F2 can paste the command that you have executed at the end, until the character that you have entered. F3 can paste the last command that you have last executed. F4 can instantly delete the recent prompt text that up to the character that you have entered. F5 pastes the latest command that has been executed without a cycle. Pasting ^Z to the prompt can be carried out by F6. If you want to view the list of command that you have executed beforehand, press F7. F8 can paste the latest executed commands in a cycle. And F9 asks you to provide a selected list from the command of the list done by F7 so that it can paste.

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How to get help for any command?

The help command cannot help you for all the problems regarding command prompt. What instead helps you is when you follow any command using /?. Now this “/?” functions as a better help switch. This will also provide you with all the details concerning the syntax of the command that you require and even supply you with relevant examples. Anyone who has used it cannot possibly disagree with its immense utility.

You can see the complete directory structure of your drive:

Ever heard of the tree command? If you haven’t, its time to check that out. Although little, but it is one of the neatest ones that you will ever come across. With this, you can easily make a simplistic map of your directories of any of the drives in your computer. Under the folder structure of a directory, use the tree to create a tree structure of that particular directory.

Make the command prompt title bar in your own way:

Did you know if you do not like the default command prompt title bar, you can stylize it in your own way and give it a whole new design? If you want to add your name or company name or any other thing in your command prompt title bar, just execute your chosen title and it would instantly be altered. This is generally used to give a customized look to script and batch files. Therefore, it is not permanent and it would be altered again when you open it the next time.

Copying from command prompts:

Those who are already acquainted with command prompts would know that copying texts here is not really as easy as any other program. And that is partly why most of them prefer saving its output in a file so that the work can be carried out later or used elsewhere. In order to choose any text and copy it on the clipboard, you can choose “Mark” by right-clicking on the command box window, anywhere it suits you. Select the portion which you want to copy. Next, just press “Enter” or right-click the selected part. It’s ready to be copied anywhere you want.

Enabling Quick Edit Mode:

After you have opened the settings of the command prompt, go to the option labelled “Properties”. Now, there will be an option called Quick Edit Mode which you need to turn it on in order to make it function.

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How to check the history of commands?

Must be wondering if you can at all do it or not, but, believe you can. All you have to do is to press the F7 button in order to check all your previous command prompts. In case you need something from the past actions of your command prompt, this can totally help you out.

Command’s output can be saved in a file:

The redirection operators, primarily > and >> are extremely useful. If you have already saved the data that viewed in the window of the command prompt, you can easily save the output into a file using them.

The entire command prompt can be customized!

Isn’t it outstanding that the entire command prompt can actually be customized! And that just doesn’t mean one or two of it, but actually the entire thing. You generally set the prompt to “C:/>”, but you can also set it by any other name. For instance the current version of the Windows that you are using, or the time or in fact even by the latest drive that you are working on.

Using command prompt would definitely be more interesting, now that you have come across all these amazing hacks and tricks. These also give you the opportunity to explore it more and gain more knowledge about it. Learn the tricks carefully so that you can utilize the commands even in a much better way.

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