Easy hacks to do faster mobile recharge

All the 90s kids will remember going to a local recharge shop to buy a scratch card for a prepaid talk time or data recharge. For those of who do not, a scratch card recharge is an arrangement where one buys a scratch card of a certain value. The value of the scratch card is translated into the amount of recharge it holds as authorized by the tele partner. The scratch card prepaid recharge option is slowly fading away due to various emerging online recharge apps in the market.

The act of finding a recharge shop, buying the right scratch card, and entering those details in a certain manner in your phone for a simple recharge has now become so easy and accessible to everyone. All you need to do is find a reliable mobile recharge app, link it with your UPI or Credit/Debit card, choose the right plan for your needs, and go ahead with the recharge. Everything is done within a couple of clicks!

There are several mobile applications available for download from the Play Store which will serve the purpose of not just recharging your phone but also paying other bills. You need to find which app fits your needs the best and how secure it is to conduct transactions through the application.

Before making the switch from offline recharge system to an online one, you need to put a tick on a few pointers.

  1. Do you have a smart phone? If yes, you can access the Play Store for downloading the mobile recharge application. If you are an iPhone user, you can find the application on your iOS store easily.
  2. Do you have an active internet connection to run the recharge app?
  3. You also need to see if you have enough storage space to download the application. Most of the mobile recharge apps are not just limited to mobile recharges but also offer bundled features like payment of bills, digital wallet, insurance, etc. Therefore, the size of these apps is a little big.

If you checked yes to the above-mentioned pointers, you are all set to download a mobile application for a mobile recharge. You can use digital payments apps like Paytm, PhonePe, or Airtel Thanks app to do a fast recharge for your smartphone. All you need to do is link your bank accounts with these applications and click on the recharge option. The applications have info about all the available plans for your network with the pricing. Compare and choose the right one for you. Enter the amount and hit the pay button. Within seconds, your recharge is complete. You will receive an SMS from your network operator stating the success of the recharge.

Another from the list of online recharge apps is the JioPOS Lite. The application allows users to recharge for themselves and other Jio users with definite ease. The users also earn a percentage commission by doing a recharge for other users. Although only Jio users can do a mobile recharge for other Jio users. It does not support recharge for other tele partners.

Make sure you compare all the apps and conduct thorough research as to which one is the most secure application for a mobile recharge. You can maintain a certain balance in your digital wallet for an easier recharge experience. With Airtel Thanks app, you have security, seamlessness, and better UI (User Interface) for a secure recharge app. You can also check the days left for the next recharge, the data limit, data consumed, and pack validity in one place. If you are looking to do a faster mobile recharge, this is the way to go about it!

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