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Have you heard of Instagram before? Probably that is a yes, the photo editing app has taken the platform of the picture editing to another level by providing several filters, and it has made the iOS camera a fun game but did you know that there is other photo enhancement software, Which is developing and focusing more on advanced PC standard photo effects for photoshops. If you are an iPhone user, you can use the app called Snapseed, which is known for its enhancement features. You can install the app on your Android or iOS, and you can enhance it to another level.

The company has done a fab job which has grabbed the attention of the Google and the search giant has offered a hefty amount to the developers, which later accepted and now the app is under then Google control.

Do you want to experience an interface which is straightforward and has a clear menu then Snapseed is your favorite app. The app has powerful capabilities with detailed options, especially when you are open and shoot a picture. Fire up the app and check the bottom of the screen you will find an option. With that being said, what you can do with the snap seed is that you can choose edits, adjustments, enhance and adjustments. You can use the swiping features to adjust the contrast of the photo, from brightness to the color of the photo can be adjusted. You can even let the editor choose its pick to enhance the photo. The amazing part of the app is that you can edit and share it instantly on the social media right away.

Once you learn that swiping up and down selects the effect, and right to left adjusts its strength, you’ve pretty much got the interface down. In the unlikely event that you do get confused, a question mark is always displaying in the upper-right hand corner; touching it overlays helpful hand-drawn instructions showing where to tap or swipe to perform a function. During editing, a picture icon lets you compare your work to its previous edit state, and in the menu interface, you can simply hold a finger against the screen to see the original, to which you can revert at any time.

Who Developed It

You can use the app for enhancing your photo in several ways, and you can get it done by downloading it, and the app was originally cost around $149 per year, but later the Google removed it the buying option then made it free for the people. The developing team is Nik Software, which was initially released on Apple iStore in the year of 2011. You can download the app now on Android as well, and many argued that Google is releasing the app on iStore than their Play Store.

You can try the app for free on both iOS and Android version for free and not only that the app was made for iPad, and Apple iStore named the “App of the year 2011“, the app has several features, which cannot be compared with any other editing app so far.

Snapseed for PC: Download Free Snapseed on Windows 7/ eight/ 10 PC

Features of Snapseed for PC

Auto-Fix: You can fix the auto on auto mode, or you can do that manually bu adjusting all basic functions such as straightening, cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpening capability, detailing, professional fix and more in just one tap. You can explore the app from top to bottom within a matter of days, not only that once you perfect the app functionality, you can do wonders with it. The hidden texture of the app features will be much more visible.

Special Effects: We are in 2016, and we need something which has more of special effects touch which includes Grunge, Vintage, center focus, Frames editing, Tilt shift, Native effects,  and other effects which are present to make your boring into professional touch. If you are used to the Instagram filters, then you need to try this because Instagram cannot compare their filters to Snapseed.

The Drama Tool: We are in the world where old fashion items are now becoming the next fashion thing, and the trend has made the developers to add the vintage look feature which has very good texture.

Snapseed offers one of the best effects you can find in Digital Photography, and you can use quotation marks for the popular term, and you can use saturation techniques.

How to get Snapseed for MAC

Windows PC supports many of the programs and software when you compare it to the other os butIf you are using MAC Osx then you are lucky because you can use the app on your MAC as well. There are two ways you can use the app on your PC. You can download the official version from the Apple store which is available for free.

You can also use it using blue stacks software, and you can install the software and installed the app within to use it on MAC.

How to get Snapseed for PC (Windows 7 / 8/ 10)

Windows Version PC are always at an advantage because Windows family is huge and many developers are fond of Windows OS. So the developers like to make software and apps compatible for the Windows users.

Now you have two options to download, but I would only suggest you the first one as the another one requires few things which are way to difficult for an average user.

  • Now go to the Bluestacks website.
  • The download the app from the official store.
  • Once you are downloaded the file, install it on your PC.
  • Launch the program and let it download necessary files.
  • Once the installation is complete, go to dashboard.
  • Look for Google play option.
  • Search for Snapseed app on Play Store.
  • Then install the app.

Now you can use the app comfortably without any hassle on your Windows based PC.


If you are worried about which OS it supports then let me give you a quick explanation, you need Windows 7,.8 and 10 version of OS to run the app. Bluestacks does not run on OLD On-board Graphics year below 2008.

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