Basics About Instagram and Tips to Increase Instagram Likes


With a little bit of effort, your determination to get more likes on the world’s most used social media platform, Instagram can be made possible. Instagram is the most popular platform among youngsters. Probably because it allows them to upload pictures, follow celebrities, see what they are doing in their daily life, and also connect with new people. It even has fancier ways to upload one’s stories, with a lot of filters. In short, the world connects together on Instagram for a number of goals.

Instagram and Tips to Increase Instagram Likes

This is the reason why individuals along with businesses put extra efforts in getting likes on Instagram. While there are a lot of applications available for photo editing and collaging, but until and unless one understands the algorithm of Instagram, it is not possible to get enough likes. Apart from likes, there are many other aspects of Instagram which are handy if you possess the knowledge of it. Among those very many aspects, there is this tool named Instahacker which comes to your use in case you have lost your Instagram password. So, what is this tool and how does it work?


Remembering passwords in today’s life is as big as a concern, as it was years ago, remembering landline numbers. Or maybe as it still is, remembering when your vehicle’s insurance is expiring. Being the most popular social media account, you cannot afford to lose your Instagram password. Because it is very difficult to get the same number of followers as you currently do after building another account. This logic applies especially if you have your brand’s account on Instagram. lets you do so by hacking into Instagram Accounts Online. All of this can be done, only by providing your account’s Instagram id. This tool lets you hack into an Instagram account without any special hacking skills. All you need is an Instagram account name, your smartphone, and the knowledge of ‘how to operate Instagram.’

This tool can be used free of charge and anyone can access it from its website. You can hack as many accounts, as many as you wish to. This particular Instagram hacker works like a single solution and is not dependent on other software or tools. The backend team of the website has designed it to bypass Instagram’s HTTPS security protocols, which would mean that the person who is hacking into somebody else’s account, his or her information may never be exposed. And you are also secured from all the harmful malware as well as virus threat, thanks to the 3*3 tiered protections offered by Instahacker.

Cycling back to getting more likes

There are seven simple solutions that we wish to recommend to you for increasing likes on your Instagram post.

1) From websites and applications that offer this service: Seeing the popularity of Instagram and the interest of Instagram users in getting more likes, some websites and applications specialize in offering this service. An example of such a website is freergramlikes. This website is known in the market to offer an Instagram user 100,000 likes for free. And this is all done completely safe as well as legally. So, if you too wish to earn many likes, in a very short span of time, why hesitate to try something out for free?

2) Using correct hashtags: Hashtags have an important role in getting the Instagram algorithm to notice some picture that’s uploaded by you. Hashtags enable your picture to connect with a wider audience, than otherwise. Not only the number of hashtags but also the quality of it matters. A short and simple hashtag could get noticed immediately than a more complex and tailor-made one.

3) Tag users in your post: While collaborating, do not forget tagging and ask the one whom you are tagging to tag you as well. This makes the circle complete, otherwise, it is always incomplete which lacks the ability to get completely noticed. As well as it at least assures some likes from your followers as well as the one whom you are tagging, his/her followers. So, you should never be lazy in doing this.

4) Tag the location at which you are taking your picture: People especially tend to take this feature lightly when all they need to do is, for getting noticed, take this damn seriously. The location tag allows people to search your account 79 percent more than they can otherwise. Also, the explore options on Instagram increases.

5) Liking other people’s post: If you are a brand, liking other’s pictures does increase the scope of other people liking your brand’s picture like no other. After all, it is ‘give and take,’ at social media, as much as it is in daily lives.

6) Appropriate posting: Posting during the time when your post can get maximum coverage is an art. And this art completely depends on what are you posting about? What does your picture intend to address? Accordingly, you should decide the time when you should post that picture.

7) Do not speed up/break your posting: Too much posting and then too much not posting is not the formula that Instagram’s algorithm is compatible with. Instead, a steady posting and then increasing the flow is considered a very effective strategy, both, for an individual, as well as a brand. For, too much content posting would not give enough time for the readers to go through it, as well as too little content posting would bring you/your brand to oblivion.

The Conclusion

With the increase in popularity of Instagram, it is becoming increasingly necessary to keep tools such as Instahacker handy for retrieving your lost passwords. At the same time for staying up to your mark, it is necessary to get enough amount of likes and stay in the notice of everyone around. The above mentioned are the easiest ways to fulfill both of these tasks. They’d let you safely secure enough likes, legally, as well as get your account’s password back within minutes, for free.

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