Kahoot Hack With The Kahoot Game PIN

Want to know that how to involve your child in the online learning session?

You have landed at the right place after a tired search. We understand your need well and so give you the perfect solution.

Kahoot is a game which is being played by teachers, students and many eager children who want to have fun and learn. It is free game based learning tool which encourages children to learn new things. The most interesting thing about this game is that it can be played together and so all children can have fun together.

Isn’t it an interesting thing for you to involve your child? Obviously yes it is.

So let us now tell you in more detailed about the Kahoot game.

Creation and sharing over Kahoot- how to do it?

Kahoot is all about creation and sharing. So your child learns to create and also love to get the, shared. Basically they learn two important things in life. To create and to share the creation is the main aim of the Kahoot.

Creation of Kahoot is nothing but making of some multiple choice questions. This can be done in interesting ways with lots of pictures, images and videos too. Jumbles can also be included in this category. Now to create the Kahoot, one needs to follow the followings steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Kahoot https://getkahoot.com/
  2. When you enter into the website, opt for the create button.
  3. There you need to log in or sign in. if you are already a member then use your user name and password or create a log in id.
  4. Once you logged in, the page reads new Kahoot and create a new one. There are different options there- quiz, survey, discussion, puzzles and many more
  5. Choose your category and get the suitable title for your project.
  6. On sharing any question, the “ADD QUESTION” button has to be tapped. By this way you can add multiple numbers of Questions to it. Then after adding you have to click on the “save and continue” button. Don’t forget to add a cover photo of yours and then save it finally. Your question will be successfully shared with everyone on the Kahoot.
  7. After that you have to click on the “play” option. With this a pin will be created. The player can easily log in with the game pin which is displayed. At the end the result will be shown based on the types of Kahoot.
  8. If the question is a quiz one the result will be shown in bar graph. Also here points are awarded based on the speed and accuracy of the players. While for the surveys and discussions you will see the result only in graph but no points are awarded.

So it’s all about the Kahoot how it works and how it is created.

It’s all about hacking kahoot

Now we will be discussing about the techniques by which Kahoot can be hacked and ass as many as bots.

There are few things over internet which cannot be hacked. Similarly this Kahoot can also be hacked very easily. To do them hacked; we will help you with the simple steps. This would help by increasing the number of bots to any of the Kahoot as you desire.

 Follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all the pin (which you want to hack) needs to be copied. This will do everything
  2. Visit the website hhttp://www.kahootspam.com
  3. You have to then enter the game pin in the specific box requiring the game pin. Also enter the nickname and the number of bots which you want to get
  4. Then confirm that you are not a robot by clicking on specific box.
  5. After this go back to your Kahoot account. Check the number of bots. Hopefully by now the number which you want is already being added to your account.
  6. Now make use of the Kahoot and watch if the bots are responding or not. They will surely start responding to the bots. Keep in mind one things, the process is entirely irreversible. The number of bots cannot be removed in case you don’t want them. once you get them they will be in your account. The player has to make use of them by playing the question and puzzles.

Well when you are looking out the hacking process, you will find the terms Kahoot cheat codes. But many a time once get cheated by visiting the websites. No such cheat codes or the hacking codes are available on the website. It will help to play the Kahoot wisely.

Looking for the game pins? But do you actually there is no such pins available over the internet? Yes, those pages who are demanding that they can give you game pins are totally fake. There are no such pins available over the internet. We are still working on this thing and have not got anything yet.


Now it’s time to wrap up with all things about Kahoot. We have shared everything about Kahoot.

The best thing of the Kahoot is that they creates discussion among everyone- whether in one room or on any part of the globe. When you play other’s Kahoot, you also get interest to create your own Kahoot. Thus it initiates the creativity of a child on own. No outer pressure needs to be given for the creation.  It masters over the understanding, depends the idea and so makes you strong about it.

As we know that when a child practice it makes them perfect. So take the app in your mobile device and help them to learn and create everything they get free time. Also it is a good way for the revision even making use their playtime to reinforce. Thus what other great ways can help your child in this way. Challenge your child with a pin share the link of the pin and tell them to solve and offer a gift. Obviously they will find interest and will also find eagerness in doing it.

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