10 Best Wizwig Alternative Free Sports Streaming Sites


Are you a sporty? Do you like experiencing an adrenaline rush while there is a goal by your favourite football team? Watch out the Wizwig. This site is a need for all sports lovers. It casts your favorite gaming shows as well as you can get the update of each show. Whatever be your interest… cricket, football or baseball, get all the latest information in Wizwig. Remember, Wizwig only provides information relating to American games.

Wizwig is really a wonderful platform to watch online sports. Sadly, it has been a year that Wizwig has stopped their service. It is very unfortunate for all the sports lovers that you can no longer watch the original Wizwig sports online. So what can be done now? Well, just like rules are meant to be broken, similarly, there is some other substitute to Wizwig.

Presenting before you the Wizwig alternatives that perform the same function as that of original Wizwig. In fact, this alternative option to Wizwig will provide you more updates than before and at a lesser rate. Are you interested to know more about the Wizwig alternatives? Here is a brief list of the online streaming sports sites in Wizwig that you can look out without any error.

What is the alternative Wizwig sports streaming sites?

Do you want to watch live sport sessions? What can be better than alternative Wizwig! With this, catch up with your favorite sport’s live broadcasting in the best sites of Wizwig. Enough of description about Wizwig, now let us check out the sports sites in Wizwig alternatives.

  • 12th player

This site is apt for all the football freaks. Click into it and get informed of the current news of football all the time. You will be notified about all the recent updates as well as the timing for live sports sessions. You need not worry about any subscription charge. It is entirely free! But there will be frequent advertisements. If you can manage to retain through those ads, you will definitely claim this site to be one of the best.

  • Cricfree

As you can guess by the name, this site only broadcast cricket. All cricket related updates, news and information will be found here. If you like a match in the TV and feel like watching it again, your TV will not support this facility. Interestingly, Cricfree will provide you this opportunity. For this, you have to pay some money as monthly subscription. Also, all the top class sports channels too can be viewed here. Besides these, it is a free site.

  • VIP Leagues

If you consider sports as a form of entertainment, no other streaming site can be best as this. This site is a hub of all the sports. By ‘all the sports’ I mean, every sport that is played in the world. Just imagine its vastness! This feature makes this channel stand out from the crowd. What is most interesting is that you will not find one particular game that is not present in this channel. Browsing any game is free. Also, you can watch live sports. Not a single game is absent here.

  • Live TV

This is a free portal that contains only recent games and sports played all over the world. Just like the other, here too you do not need a single penny to pay for subscription or another like that. But in order to get access to this site, you have to create and register your name under an account. Once you enroll your name you are all ready to watch any sport.

  • Sports stream

Want to watch live sports? Here it is! What makes watching sports easier in this site is the list of channels along with the matches that are to be shown. Beside the matches in the list, the timing of each one is provided. So, you can make yourself free during that time. Again, this site forecasts sports from all over the world. You can watch matches whenever you feel like. Also, watching same match again and again is allowed.

  • Sport P2P

If you do not have time to sit in front of the TV never think that you are going to miss out your favorite sport. It is available in this sports streaming site online. This site can be accessed through various devices. Even though you watch one or two favorite sport or keep a track of all the games, everything is available here.

  • BatManStream

This sports streaming site is simple and easy to handle. Newcomers are suggested to use this particular site. Type the sport that you want to watch in the search and press enter. It will appear instantly. All the matches are shown in HD quality. Create an account, sign in and get started.

  • Wizwig new

If you do not want to spend extra money for watching sports, this is the best site for you. It is absolutely free and captures all sports from every corner of the world. There is a long list provided in the homepage of the site. Choose the ones that you want to watch.

  • Stream2Watch

If you want to use your computer for watching online sports, it is only Stream2Watch that is applicable on PC. This live online streaming sports site is absolutely free. All the sports items are contained here. All you have you do is sign up with your correct email id. It is in this email id that you will receive constant updates and notifications. So, please provide a valid one.

  • Atdhe

Be at any part of the world and watch your favorite sport online in Atdhe. No other site can be easier and simpler than streaming this particular site. Also, you do not need to register or enroll your name, neither do you have to pay for subscription every month. Check it and watch live sports soon.


The above discussed sites are all free. You have the sole freedom to choose whichever site you want to. All of them are quite easy to handle. Neither do they ask you for unnecessary charges.

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