6 Best Power Bank For Mobile In India [Reviews With Best Price Deal


Do you know what power banks can do for you?  Many may don’t know about it but they know that it is a great addition for your smart phone. But we ask you how?

Let’s tell you about this interesting thing in a bit details:

As we all know due to the high number of applications, smart phones often gets out of the battery very soon.  But it is also very important to keep it on for every single hour. Here is the main twist. Power bank supports the smart phones to keep the life on for longer time.

Hence now you can understand how much are they important for us. With the resources, the power bank is having a high demand too. so to meet the demand of the consumers, there are many companies who are having it. We are not telling any one of them bad, but some among them are the best.

So in this article today, we will be sharing the best power banks which your mobile phone can have. They are of different budgets and one can choose according to their own limit. We don’t give the limitations of any of the finance or the quality.

Comparison of the 6 different brands in the year 2017

First we would compare 6 different power banks in the market:

Name of the power bank Capacity Ports Price

Mi 2i

10000 mAh 2  

Rs. 899


Intex power bank 12500 mAh 3 Rs. 799
Philips DLP 6006 11000 mAh 3 Rs. 1099
IPRO power bank 10400 mAh 3 Rs. 899
Ambrane P 1122 1000 mAh 3 Rs. 849
Lenovo PA 13000 13000 mAH 2 N/A

Have a look at the top quality power banks in year 2018

Now we would discuss about the top quality choice:

  • Looking for a bank which can offers you unlimited power supply? Well then the compulsory requirement for you is the Mi power bank 2i. No other can actually match steps with their power supply and the recharging speed. Two different types are there- 10000mAh and the 20000 mAh. It’s the quality one.
  • Now it’s the budget friendly one- Syska power boost 100. It can help you to charge your device at any place. But it is available at the cheapest rate. The best part of this device is that one can simultaneously charge two different devices with the two available ports.

Thus these two choices are the best one in this year of 2018. One can check the more details at the internet and check the price at any common online stores.

Editor’ choice brands review

Now we discuss about the top 5 brands which are chosen by the editor’s:

  1. Intex 12500 mAh power bank.

Why people prefer this one? Here are the good reasons:

  • Lowest price
  • Heavy performance
  • Lastly attractive in looks.

So what else do you need in a power bank? I think nothing else. Just a one click button is all that it has. A LED shows the details about the charging. The output charging is 5 volt. The device is having 3 ports and so 3 different devices can be charges simultaneously.

But one thing that is not liked is that it is very heavy in weight. Otherwise it is a good product.

  1. Philips 1100 mAh

The well known company Philips is having the power bank.  People love their product too. and that is because of the quality product which Phillips can manufacture.

Well now coming to the features, the device is having one touch button with the LED button. There is one micro USB port for charging and 3 ports as output charging.

The performance of the device is also very good with a LED torch light too.

The thing which is not expected form Phillips is that it is having low charging output. It is just 1A.

Otherwise it is easy to carry, light in weight and stylish looking too.

  1. Ipro 10400 mAh power bank.

Ipro is a specialized company for the power banks. It is a best product as it is having a high capacity within an affordable price. The device is a bit low in performance and takes up to 9 hours for the charging.  With 2 USB ports, it is stylish and also very useful.

One drawback of the product is that it gets up heated when multi charging.

  1. Ambrane 10000 mAh

One of the top graded power bank which is having the high performance. Operated with a one click it is having the LED display to show the charging percentage. This is having some unique features like the resistance to temperature, input overvoltage protection, same with output voltage, protection form short circuit and many more.

Only the quality of the device from outside is not so strong.

  1. Lenovo P A 13000

Another good company which has brought the power bank for mobiles. It is also having high performance with the power of charging two phones.  This power bank is also having the features like the prevention form overheating and the overcharging. Thus it safe guards the device and the phone both.

We liked everything about the product and there is no drawback yet.

  1. Ambrane 13000 mAh

Ambrane is a good company which is the best power bank manufacturing company.  It has all in one- budget power bank, special features and even high performance. If you are buying the power bank for first time, then it is the best one. There are 2 ports which allow 2 different device to be charged at same time. A half of the day is required for its self charging.

  1. Rock 10000 mAh

It is also an affordable one and the high performance phone.  It is having 2 USB ports which can help in charging 2 different devices. The output current is 2.4 A which is having 1 fast charging port and 2 normal port.

But build quality is a bit low.

Guide for you to buy power banks

Now we conclude with the guide how to buy the power banks:

  1. Know about your requirement.
  2. Number of ports that you require for the charging
  3. The output current.
  4. If matters, weight/size and the design too
  5. Get a look at the security features too.
  6. Last but not least is the budget.

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