Micromax PC Suite Free Download for Windows 7/8/10 and XP


Are you a lover of the brand Micromax? Do you have any soft corner for it? If so, then you will definitely want to build up a link between your Micromax phones with computer. There are times when you genuinely need to connect your PC with your phone. This may be foe sharing files, photos or some other matter. Carrying your PC is not possible everywhere. Similarly neither can your phone support all the things that a PC can. Since both are of equal importance, there needs to be drawn a channel between both. For this, you need a tool that will help work to be done in a better manner and make things easy.

Here is the much sought after PC Suite that will enable Micromax gadgets to work in their proper way. This will help you to move files, contacts, and almost everything in a very few easy going steps. If you want you can download it from here itself. But before that, get a detailed understand of the Suite’s functions and facilities.

Generally, you will find two kinds of phone for Micromax – one is the normal multimedia handset and the other is the more popular smartphone. Besides, there are a good number of other models as well. Micromax is really trying hard to come up with new and more useful models. If Micromax is placed on the rate chart, it will be found that it ranks the 10th in the world and bags the 2nd position as per the smartphones in India. Kudos to the team of Micromax for creating PC Suite for each of their handset. Their tools for connectivity too are efficient enough to transfer files and documents in no time. You are free to download those PC suites of Micromax according to the model of Micromax that you are dealing with.

How to download the PC suite software of Micromax for free?

Only wanting to link your PC with your Micromax device won’t serve your purpose. You have to download the Micromax Mobile PC Suite in order to move your files and folders from one destination to another. This PC Suite software has an extraordinary feature. It is this feature that makes PC Suites of all brands so popular. With the help of the Micromax PC Suite you can not only move files from your cell phone to your computer, but also run your mobile phone on the computer. And the latter process is entirely through the medium of wireless connections. Say for example, from your computer, you can make calls, type messages and send them, connect in whatsapp, and do all the things that you are capable of doing in your phone. What matters most is that you can use internet with the help of Micromax mobiles.

How to download free Micromax PC Suite for Smartphones?

You must be aware of the fact that Micromax has launched a good number of cheap smartphones with high configuration. Besides, it also supports drivers for the purpose of Micromax devices working in your PC. Honestly, Micromax does not have a particular Suite for working in PC. But it also has plenty of apps available of the Google Play Store that can serve the purpose of and act as a PC suite for Micromax. For example, the Air Droid is one of the biggest examples of a Google Play Store app which exactly performs the functions of Micromax PC Suite.

If you feel like connecting your Micromax handset to your computer with the help of a USB driver, the first thing that you need to do is to download the USB drivers of Micromax. Get into the official website of Micromax, enter your phone’s model number and finally download the driver for your respective Micromax smartphone.

Type and press enter. Go to the list at the top of the page and choose the phone’s model. Place order for it. You have to pay the cash through cards or you can choose from the different methods of payment available. It will be downloaded automatically. Once the download and installation process is over, you are free to use it as and when necessary.

Steps to use Micromax PC Suite

  • First, type and press enter.
  • Go to the drop down menu bar. A long list of the various models of Micromax will scroll down. Carefully, select your smartphone model.
  • Click on the download option to load the drivers. Further, the PC Suites and manual too will be downloaded. With this manual you can set up the Micromax PC Suite for the particular software that you are using in your computer.
  • Now, from the folder that has been created on downloading the suit, bring out the suite and install it immediately.
  • Next, use a USB cable to join your phone with your computer. Go to the settings of your phone. Click on ‘tethering and portable hotspot’. This will help in activating the USB tethering.
  • Finally, allow the PC Suite to run in your computer. This is how you can control the data of your phone directly from your computer.

How to connect Micromax phone to PC in wireless mode?

  • Your first step will be get hold of the Android app from the Play Store and install it on your Micromax device.
  • Next, switch on to the mobile hotspot and switch off the normal mobile data of your phone.
  • With the help of this wifi hotspot, link up your computer or laptop.
  • Next, open the android app of your mobile. You will find a link appearing in your computer – http://192.169.2:8888.
  • Open any web browser in your computer. The best option is to run Google Chrome. However, you can choose other browsers as well, the ones you are comfortable with.
  • Copy paste the above mentioned URL in the browser.
  • A verification message will appear in your smartphone. Click on ‘accept’ option there.
  • This is how your Micromax handset gets connected to your computer or laptop without using any third device. You can do a lot more things wirelessly.

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