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Irritated with the sudden ads on your page? Cannot find the close option of the ads?

These are quite disturbing when you are into some serious jobs. So you are looking out for some of the ways to get the ad blocked. Therefore know the applications to block the ads.

There are many such applications who help you to block the ads. One of them is the Adaway which is an open source ad blocker.  This can be used by the Android users by using the host files. The required version of the Android is greater than or equal to 2.1.

Now why to use the Adaway for my mobile or PC? Here we give you some of the best reasons to make use of it.

  1. It’s totally free and also open source software.
  2. The user can easily select the source of the host files.
  3. In case the app is not working when the specific hosts are blocked, the exceptions can be added to the whitelist.
  4. Want to add some more names to the blacklist? Adaway can help you do so.
  5. Adaway also allows you to add the own hostname along with the hostname and the IP pair.

So there are so many attractive features.

But note that you will not get them on the Google play store. This has been abandoned by the Google due to the violation of the section 4.4 of the developer distribution Act.

In case you cannot find it, check at the F-droid or GitHub for where you can easily install it.

Download Adaway for PC

Mostly we prefer them to be used on our mobile devices. But what about the installation on the PC with the windows version?

Well that’s too is possible. Adaway helps you all.

The latest version of the Adaway 3.2 which is easy to download from the

A huge number of users are being seen to have this app and using them actively for their PC. So here is a guide for you so that you can also get the advantage of the Adaway.

For the PC download you will not get the Adaway from the web search. The app developers has only make it available for the android. For the windows installation, Android emulator has to be installed in the system.

The app available for the PC /windows, the windows version should be windows10/8.1/8.7.

Download Adaway App for PC

To make the download successful, there are two different ways to do it. Both of them are resourceful and can help you.

  1. With the NOX player
  2. Bluestack emulator.

Both of these ways handle the APK installation. Therefore just the installation on the desktop follows with the org.adaway.APK file installation on the PC/laptop. To help you with the stepwise guide, follow the steps below and get them doing.

First described is the one with the NOX player:

  1. Download the NOX app player-
  2. Software should be clicked to start the installation process.
  3. Now download the APK file
  4. Open the NOX Player after being installed. In the tool box (right hand corner) the option of the Add APK is there.
  5. Select “Don’t how again” and “I know”
  6. Go to the location where downloaded files are saved. Choose the APK file.
  7. Automatic installation will start on clicking the file. The NOX player home screen can help to open it.
  8. Change the location from “World-wide” to any particular location. That is not compulsory at all.
  9. The app is ready to be used now. This is being used by the pre existing websites that were already loaded.
  10. To come back to the home screen use esc or the navigations marked there.

Thus this is a stepwise guide for you where you can get everything in details.

Now if you are finding any glitches here, choose the other method. It is also very easy and stepwise guide is given here also.

Using the bluestack:

  1. Bluestack software can be obtained on the OC by installing the software on the computer or laptop. You can get it from the web search “download bluestacks for PC”
  2. Then opt for the installation of the .APK files of Adaway
  3. Open the bluestack app. On the left hand corner you will find the toolbox. Here the ADD APK is there. Load this on using the bluestack
  4. Choose the location option and take the downloaded file
  5. Now automatic installation on bluestack will be done.
  6. Get ready now to use the Adaway app on your PC.

So both the ways are quite easy and just need a few installations. We often do such things to get the latest things. So following the instruction can give you the best feedback.

Basically for the androids, Adaway is easy for the Android OS to be used.

So next time when you are irritated with the ads on the website, just download the links and activate the Adaway. It is very much useful and really blocks the ads for you.

Many a time some may face issues with the operation of the application.

One can check the wiki of the GitHub or the Adaway XDA thread. It can also be used to report any bug too. so there is many such ways to use it perfectly or any of your device.

Concluding with some more details

Here are some information about the application:

The latest version of the app is Adaway 3.2. With the latest version, it has been updated last on September 2017. The app is developed by the Adaway community. The app package is the org.adaway. One can get it free of cost.

You can download it form any safe source which is free of any virus.

The present rating of the software is 2.3 out of 5.

There are more than 5 crore users who are using it actively.

What more can e gives you about this attractive software. No other software can actually help you practically in blocking those unwanted ads o the websites and don’t disturb you.

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