Download Lenovo PC Suite Software & USB Drivers For Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP


Do you use a Lenovo device? What about connecting your Lenovo phone to your PC? It is not always possible to carry everything in your phone, neither is it possible to carry your laptop or PC everywhere. These are the times when you need to use a Lenovo PC suite.

By far, none other than Lenovo is the best and a very popular cell phone company that took its birth in the borders of China. Presently, it has been noticed that peoples’ hands are stuffed with Lenovo mobile phones. A greater reason for this being that the Lenovo has kept its price little low yet did not compromise with the quality of the product. And, getting a phone at a low price with all the basic facilities of a high budget phone is sure to attract a good number of heads toward the brand. Its latest models are Lenovo A6000 plus, Lenovo 7000, Lenovo K3 Note and Lenovo K3 Vibe.

In this article, you will come to know about the process to install Lenovo PC suite. But before you carry out this process, make sure that you have a computer or a laptop that is complete free of all errors. Secondly, you also need a proper working USB cable so that it can be linked between the PC and your Lenovo phone. The USB cable is the only option that you can use to access to the smartphone from your computer. Connecting your PC with the phone through a USB cable is the easiest way to transfer data, files and folders.

Process to download Lenovo PC Suite and USB Drivers for Windows

Lenovo brought something new for its users. Any guesses? Well, it is the Lenovo mobile assistance that can be utilized through the USB cable drivers. Here you will get a detailed information about the steps that you can undertake to install Lenovo PC Suite as well as Lenovo mobile’s USB driver. This part of the article is dedicated to people who use Windows phone or Windows operating system in their PC.

How to download Lenovo PC Suite free?

For all the Lenovo smartphone users, the Lenovo Smart Assistance is your PC Suite to connect your phone to your laptop. It is best to download the Lenovo PC Suite directly from their official website. However, here are the steps of downloading the Lenovo PC Suite:

  • First, attach your Lenovo handset to the USB and allow the USB cable to get connected to your PC’s port.
  • Next, click on ‘My Computer’. You will notice an extra disk added under the title ‘devices and drives’. Click upon it and install Lenovo PC Suite directly from there.
  • In case you do not accomplish your task by the above method, go to the official website of Lenovo. In the search bar, type Lenovo PC Suite and get into it.
  • Click on the options ‘browse device’.
  • Next, select the Lenovo model that you are presently using and the one you are willing to connect. Choose your devices’ series and enter the model number.
  • This step will direct you to all the drivers and download options that gel well with your device.
  • Next, go below the screen. You will find the Lenovo Smart Assistance. Download it then and there. Your Lenovo phone is ready to be operated straight from your computer.

Isn’t it easy? Of course it is! The Lenovo PC Suite software will consume a storage space of only 5.7 MB. This software is best to be compiled with windows 8 both for 32 and 64 bits, windows 7 for 32 and 64 bits, windows 8.1 again for 32 and 64 bits and windows XP with the same combination as the rest.

Leaving aside your Lenovo PC Suite there is also an alternative. You can download the Lenovo Companion for mobiles directly from Google Play Store. This is like a help box of Lenovo Company. Whenever you face any doubts or got stuck in any step while download a Lenovo PC Suite, simply open this app, type your doubt and send it. You are sure to get an answer to your doubts in no time.

Steps to download Lenovo PC Suite

  • Your first job should be to download and install the Lenovo Smart Assistance in your PC. Without the completion of this primary step, nothing can be done.
  • While you are into this process, make sure that you disconnect the connection of the PC and then begin to install the Lenovo mobile assistance. Otherwise it may lead to failure in the process and show you error several times.
  • Next, use a USB cable to connect you Lenovo smartphone to your computer. Make sure that the USB cable is in proper condition.
  • Open the Lenovo Smart Assistance in your PC. In order to run the process of debugging in your mobile phone, click on to the settings, find and click on the option USB. Finally, click on ‘enable USB debugging’.
  • The whole system of Lenovo PC Suite will be installed on its own. All the drivers too will be properly installed. You just need to give it adequate time. While the process is on the go, do not do anything to your PC. Either keep it fully charged or keep the charger connected to it.
  • It is now time to see your files and folders, all with the help of Lenovo Smart Assistance.


Every Lenovo handset has its own set of PC Suite. No two of them are the same. If you have to get all the Lenovo PC Suites, it is better that you opt for the official website of Lenovo company. Not only is it limited to the Lenovo smartphones but also extended their helping hand to the Lenovo tablets as well. What you have to do is take little effort and go to their official website. On the search bar, type the particular Lenovo suite that you are looking for. Click on it and it will be downloaded automatically.

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