Is Freelance Lead Generation Right for Your Business?


Have you thought about working with a freelance lead generation expert? If you’re looking to surpass the competition and make headway in leads and conversion, a freelance lead generation consultant might be precisely what you and your business need.

The unfolding of the digital age brought up numerous perks in many spheres of our lives. Communicating ideas, learning new skills, and collaborating with people around the globe is easier than ever. Perhaps more than anything, the developments around the world contribute to businesses flourishing at an unprecedented rate.

International companies have started to prefer hiring remotely and with good reasons. It’s not just the elements of cost-effectiveness, like not renting an office. Both employers and employees share the main reason for being more partial to freelance work. Managers prefer to hire internationally as much as professionals prefer freelance work because it enables them to work together and learn from people all across the globe.

It’s safe to say that a business sphere that couldn’t benefit from freelance work doesn’t exist, and marketing is no exception. Regardless of the marketing methods you choose, digital marketing has always thrived in the hands of freelancers.

Local Agencies VS Freelancers

When it comes to marketing, When it comes to marketing, we can state without a shadow of a doubt that hiring freelance marketers beats working with local agencies any day of the week. We can argue that marketing is a creative field of work that most understaffed agencies cannot compete in.

Browsing the freelance market enables you to find workers with whom you click and share the same metaphorical language. Most importantly, it’s way easier to negotiate and still have your expectations met when working with a freelancer as opposed to hiring an agency.

When it comes to results-driven undertakings like lead generation, hiring a freelancer is a better choice because agencies generally don’t like to bother with transparent metrics-sensitive tasks. On the other hand, a freelance lead generation expert will go above and beyond to deliver the promised results.

Perhaps the main difference between hiring a big agency and hiring a freelancer lies in the motivation. Freelancers see their work as a personal challenge and something to take pride in, while agencies’ management wants to get it out of the way ASAP and fit in more clients.

Lead Generation Strategies and Your Business

Did you know that lead generation in the past was limited to word-of-mouth marketing and poorly targeted phone calls? Technology has made headways for direct marketing so that now we can enjoy not only appropriate targeting but also metrics with extensive feedback for our results.

Businesses today can choose from a wide variety of methods for generating leads. Phone calls and emails are at the heart of direct marketing, but it’s up to you to decide where your pitch will be most effective. The next step is up to your lead generation expert.

Upon considering your business type and preferences, a lead generation consultant will carve out the best strategy for generating conversions. Whenever there is a dilemma or a possibility for extensive targeting, a lead generation expert may implement split testing. Split testing or A/B testing can help compare the performance of different campaigns, or even fine-tune them to perfection.

The Best of Both Worlds

There’s no split test for measuring the performance of agencies against freelancers when it comes to lead generation. Fortunately, a passionate expert who owns his agency already exists, and it’s Kas Andz of Pearl Lemon Leads. Contact Kas with your inquiries and start generating more leads than ever!

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