Power of Visual Learning

The advancement of technology has introduced the students to new trends in education. One such important and popular method of education, which students find to be really interesting is through visual methods of learning. The fact holds true for visual learning is that visuals seem more appealing than plaintexts to the curious and intuitive minds and that can be recalled for a prolonged duration.

Several studies have concluded that the power of visual learning assist the eLearning techniques. Visual learning has various benefits such as faster response to the learners, motivate learners, and much more compared to the text material only. The advancement of technology has included learning through mobile application, AR/VR technology, etc. reducing the usage of learning through textbooks.

There are a number of advantages of visual learning which is helpful for the users for a better understanding of the subject, they are:

(i) Better conceptual understanding: Conceptual understanding can be easily done through video lectures. As videos provide 3-dimensional visibility of concepts, so visual learning helps to develop the concepts that can be easily understood. Just consider topics like Complex number or electricity, which cannot be easily understood. Through videos, one can easily understand these topics without any confusion.

(ii) Visual learning sticks for longer duration: Learning through videos not only helps in understanding the concepts but also helps to retain the knowledge for a prolonged duration. As we know that our mind reacts to visual images in a better manner, rather than textual images. Thus, learning through videos can help us to possess the concepts for a long time.

(iii) Saves time: One of the key features of visual learning is that learning through video lectures is faster than the traditional method of learning through books, and saves time. Topics like Permutation and Combination which usually takes 7-8 days to study from textbooks takes hardly 2 days by studying through the visual method. One can also utilize their leisure time by studying through the mobile which is generally portable for users. Thus, utilizing as much time on studies can be beneficial in developing conceptual knowledge as well as saving time.

(iv) Creates Interest to the learners: Everyone likes to study through images and texts which is the easiest way of learning. Seeing a picture allows users to recreate the experience in their mind. For example, if you were to create a heat map, it would be much easier to relay the idea of density through visual representation, as opposed to just talking about data Also, users can create an imaginary story for the topic as it will help them retain the concept longer. By relating the courses with real-life through entertaining images and compelling videos, one can easily develop interest and curiosity in learning.

All these advantages of visual learning help students to learn through videos which have an advantage over the traditional method of learning.

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