How to: Create a slide show in PowerPoint

Guide with all the steps to make successful presentations like a pro. Tips and tricks to work and display correctly on any PC or Laptop. How to insert music, songs, images, pictures, effects and give them a engaging style.


Why make a slide show?

With PowerPoint you can create presentations for various purposes:

• Exposing a job, a thesis or research.

• Create a tutorial on any subject.

• Make an interactive quiz.

• Create a photo album

• Make up statistics or accounting.

Create a PowerPoint slide show with step by step

PowerPoint is very easy to use. All that in one way or another have used Word feel like home to start. Intuit how to enter text, add slides, images, adjust the design, change the colors of text, etc.

1. Start Office, the default theme for the new presentation is “Blank Presentation”, i.e. without background or effects.

2. The first operative is dedicated to the introduction, enter the data as title, description, author, etc.,

have the option to give you a personal and unique background, for that tab Design opens funds Style and select “Format Background.”

After creating your own background using the button: “Apply to All” so that all following dispositive use it.

3. Give a click on the bottom of the button “New Slide” to insert various formats which are available, but may be easier to insert a blank. In it you can paste text directly without the need to have the classic picture text, appear after pasting. To change the format, style or text colors select it and use the tools in the top bar on the tab Home.

✓ To copy text in any document, select it and use the keys CTRL + C.

✓ To paste into a slide using the keys: CTRL + V

To insert any image into a blank slide, just drag and drop from a folder above the slide. Use exact size using the selected points. You can also insert (if you work full screen) using the “Image” button in the tab Insert. When selecting an image automatically from the bar “Image Tool” you can apply effects. On the same tab Insert see the other objects that can be inserted are: Clipart (Cliparts) screenshots an application on Windows or any image on a web page that is displayed in the browser. Can also insert shapes, graphics, video, audio, etc..

4. After creating all the presentation slides, the next step is to configure and test operation.

From now to the extent you make any changes, you must try and feel of a presentation to play.

✓ To test the presentation looks like using the F5 key.

✓ To return the program uses Escape.

✓ To play from a specific slide, select it and in the “Slide Show” gives a click on the button: “From the current slide”

Save the presentation created

Finally if everything works correctly only then save the presentation. On the File menu choose “Save As.” By default the presentations are saved in the format: PPTX. PPTX is a file that can only be opened with versions of PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 for editing or playback.

To save it in a way that is compatible with all versions used: “PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*. ppt).”

In either case to play a slideshow, it requires two clicks on the file and then use F5 key. Another option is to keep using the format: PPSX or PPS that running starts playback immediately. To that after using the “Save As”, select the option to type: “Slide Show PowerPoint (*. ppsx) ” can also save it as a PDF or save the images independently. Save a PowerPoint presentation to be played in any version of the program.

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