Is It Real or Scam? Honey Chrome Extension Review


Recently, we’ve noticed a surge in the number of people questioning the credibility of a Google Chrome Extension called Honey. In fact, there are tons of unanswered threads available on the web such as Reddit and Quora asking the same question again and again. Even the readers of our blog have asked this question numerous in the past. So, in order to help out all those who are seeking an answer for this question, we’ve decided to come up with an article clearing all the doubts and myths about Honey Chrome Extension.

Today, in this article, we’ll not only discuss about the trustworthiness of this extension but also provide an extensive review of it for our readers. Those who are curious about this extension and would like to know more about it, then you’ve come to the right place. But, before diving into the review straight away, let me inform you this isn’t a sponsored or biased review. Whatever the information we’ve provided in this review is based on our expereince with Honey Chrome Extension.

What’s Honey Chrome Extension?

Before we question the reliability of this extension, let’s discuss about the extension and what exactly it does. It will be helpful for those who have never heard of the Honey Chrome Extension. So, first of all, Honey is a Google Chrome Extension developed by US-based developers. It’s actually a cash saving extension that helps you in saving a few bucks whenever you shop online such as Amazon, Walmart etc. Don’t worry, the extension is all real and legit, it doesn’t use any illegal or non-ethical methods to save your bucks on purchases.

Instead, Honey makes use of various Promo codes, Vouchers, and coupon codes to get discounts on all your online purchase. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to buy, Honey has got discount saving options for all your purchases. It seeks out promo codes and promotional offers from various sources and provides you discounts during the check out of your purchase. Now coming to the credibility of this extension, first of, Honey is only a Google Chrome extension and it is been in the market for years now.

There are over millions of people who use the Honey extension on their Google chrome to save a few bucks on online purchases. In fact, loads of users have given positive feedbacks and reviews after using the extension for saving a few dimes on their purchases. And most of the reviews have come from users who have actually tried the extension and saved few dimes during their purchases and shopping. So, there’s nothing for you to worry about the extension. It doesn’t steal your data or sell your information, all it does is simply provide you all the available offers and discounts in order to save some money on your online purchases.

How Does It Work?

Well, after going through the description, it’s common for anyone to get the curiosity of knowing how it works. So, for all of you who are wondering how Honey extension manages to help you in saving a few cents on your purchases, here’s a short info for you. First of all, you will have to install the Honey Chrome extension and activate it from the settings. (Stick to the article to know the installation process)

As soon as the extension is installed, a Honey icon will appear beside the URL box in the Google Chrome browser. Now whenever you visit any E-commerce site such as Amazon and browse a particular product page, a green notification will pop up which shows all the available offers and discounts for that particular product. You will be able to know the effective price of the product after applying the coupon on the extension page itself. So, you don’t actually have to go till check out page to know the effective price of the product.

In case, if there’s no deal or discount available on a particular product, the extension will not send the pop up. But, you can add the product to your favorites and let the extension track its price. Once the product’s price comes in your buying price, you will be notified through a desktop notification to buy the product. Like this, you can instruct the extension to monitor the price of multiple items for 30 day or 60 days or 90 days. All you have to do is just add the desired products to “Watch List” and let the extension do the rest.

How To Install Honey Chrome Extension

In case, if you’re not able to figure out the installation process of Honey Chrome extension or don’t know how to make the best use of it, then here’s a simple guide for you. But before proceeding, make sure you’re using Google Chome browser because the extension is not available for any browsers as of now.


Now go to the official Honey Extension Page, there you will find the option to add the extension to your Google Chrome. Right after you click on install, the extension will be automatically downloaded and installed on your chrome browser.

It might take a couple of seconds for all this process to complete, so, just be patient till it’s completed. Once the installation process is successful and the extension is activated, Tap on the “Extension Icon” (Located beside the URL box) and there it will ask you to register for an account. You just have to enter your email address and verify in order to activate your account and start using the service for free.


I hope you all got enough information regarding the legitness of Honey Chrome Extension through this article. In case, if you’ve any questions or doubts you would like to ask, feel free to use the comment section. Also, don’t forget to let us know how’s your saving journey with Honey Chrome extension is going on in the comments.

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