The Long & Interesting History of Virtual Reality

Believe it or not, Virtual Reality isn’t anything new. The history of this immersive technology originates back to hundreds of years ago. Today, VR technology is responsible for opening new doors for communication, education, medical care, and more. Every day there are new industries and individuals discovering how wide the scope of VR is — in doing so, procedures and lives are being made better.

By taking a look back at the technological advancements throughout the years, we can gain a better understanding of how VR has been shaped and reshaped by innovation. From simple lenses to simulators that track full-body movement, the history of virtual reality has always been a sector of technology that captivates and amazes with its transformative thinking.

Check out our “The History Of VR” infographic below to see where it all started, to catch up with some examples you might have had in your own bedroom, to see where we are now, and to get a glimpse of what the future holds!

Check out the infographic below to learn more about devices like the Stereoscope, the View-Master, the Sword Of Damocles, The Virtuix Omni, and other innovations that led to the Virtual Reality hardware of today.

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