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There are like thousands of websites, if not millions, that use slideshow functionality on their web pages to increase their page view counts. This, in turn, gives the more views which ultimately increases their revenue from advertisements. Nowadays, almost every site seems to have a slideshow functionality on their web pages which totally ruins the user experience. Sometimes, it makes the user so frustrated that he would close the web page and leave your site right away regardless of how useful and important information your site is providing. As a reader, we can’t really do much to change this, and ultimately have to adjust with it as most of the sites have started doing such stuff on their web pages.

Just like me, there are a lot of people who would hate clicking on the “Next” or “Forward” button after every paragraph of an article. It’s so annoying and time-consuming that most of the times I end up closing that site and searching search for information on any other sites. However, there will be times where the information you’re looking might not be able elsewhere. So what you’re gonna do in such situations? Obviously, you will have to go through the frustrating slideshow to get the information as it’s not available anywhere else.

SlideShow On Web Pages

If you look at this from a reader’s point of view, it would totally ruin the visitor’s experience and he may choose to close the site without any second thoughts about the information you’re providing. But, if you look at this from a webmaster point of view, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in putting a slideshow on web pages. As mentioned earlier, putting slideshows on web pages results in high ad revenue for the website owner, so, there’s pretty much no reason as for why a webmaster would not take advantage of such thing.

In case, if you’ve never been through such websites or don’t know how slideshow on webpages looks like, then here’s a short explanation for you. In this process, the owner of the site will make use of third-party scripts or plugins which will help him in splitting a single article into multiple slides. The slides may contain anything like Videos, Images, Information, links etc.

On the bottom of the page, there will be an option called “Next” which you will have to click in order to move to the next paragraph of the same article. Of course, there’s nothing harmful in this, but imagine, if an article has 20 paragraphs, would you even care to click the “next” button for 20 times? Of course not, or at least I would not do.

But if you consider it from the webmaster’s perspective, then he would gain 20 pageviews on a single article. In case, if the website owner is not using this slideshow functionality, then he would probably get only 1 pageview instead of 20. So, as a reader, what you can do to get rid of this annoying issue? Well, below are a few ways to deal with it efficiently.

Deslide Websites: Remove Slideshow From Website

Well, we’ve managed to find a couple of ways to deslide any website and read the whole article in one go. The good thing is that the method which we’re going to share do not require any technical efforts or knowledge. Anyone can follow the mentioned methods in just a few simple clicks. So, let’s hope into the guide right away without wasting any further time.

Method 1: Make Use Of Third Party Web Application To Deslide Website

The first method that we’re sharing includes a third party web application which will help you in desliding any website you wish. Well, there are many such web applications available on the internet, but most of them do not the work they are supposed to. The web application which we’re sharing is a reliable one and you can use it as many times as you want without any issues.

Clusterfake is the name of the web application which we’re going to share in order to remove slideshow from any website. The process on Clusterfake is pretty simple, it’s just another website where you will have to put the URL of the site which you want to deslide and let the web application do its job for you. In case, if you’re unable to figure it out,t then follow these steps.

  1. First of all, open the site which contains the slideshow and you wish to remove from it. Make sure to copy its “URL” address.
  2. Now head over to the official site of Clusterfake, there you will find an URL box on the homepage of the site.
  3. Just paste the copied URL in the URL box, select what all you want to extract from that site such as Images, Information, Links etc. You can also select a combination of these options under “Display’ option.
  4. Now just click on “Deslide” button after selecting the combinations and wait for the site to load.
  5. That’s it, the site will complete its process within a few seconds and you will able to read the articles in just one go.

Method 2: Using PageZipper Extension

In case, if you do not wish to make use of a third party web application, then here’s an alternate way for you. There’s a browser extension available for Google Chrome called PageZipper that will deslide any website for you in just one click.

  1. Go ahead and download the official PageZipper extension on your desired browser. (Chrome Recommended)
  2. Now open up the site which you want to deslide and click on the “extension” that is located right beside the URL box of your browser.
  3. The extension will automatically select the current website to deslide and would start the process.
  4. Once the process is started, you will get the result within a few seconds. The extension will combine the separate parts of the post and show you the whole article.


Well, that’s pretty much all you need to do deslide any website you wish. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay any fees or charges for using these methods. It’s all free and will always be free, and you can use it as much as you want without any hassle. Don’t forget to let us know your experience after following our methods.

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