FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO


There’s no doubt in saying that Pokemon Go is probably the most unique and fun type of game for Android and iOS devices. A lot of gamers and even casual players got hooked to the game so quickly due to its fun elements and tough challenges. The game quickly climbed the charts and made its place in the trending list the day it was launched. The concept of the game is pretty unique and simple, it uses your device’s GPS system and places the images of Pokemon within your surroundings or location. You will have to physically walk to the Pokemon’s location in order to catch it by throwing the poke ball (sometimes the pokemon may run away and you will have to start over everything again)

This way you will have to catch all the pokemon and store them in your collection, you can also start Pokemon battles with your friends using your pokemon from the collection. It’s a pretty fun game that kind of takes physical hard work to progress in the game. But once you’re used to it, there’s no way you’ll ever stop playing the game. However, sometimes you may feel lazy or doesn’t want to go outside to catch the pokemon. That’s totally fine, even I feel the same at certain times.

But, the game doesn’t give you anything if you don’t move from your location and you won’t be able to know the locations of pokemon around you.  In order to counter this common, some third-party developers have created Pokemon scanners which will track the pokemon on the map and provide you their exact location. This way you can catch all the rare and legendary pokemon at your convenience, FastPokeMap used to the best scanner for finding pokemon around you, it used to work absolutely fine with 100% accuracy.

What Happened To FastPokeMap?

FastPokeMap was probably the most reliable and accurate scanner application that was ever designed for Pokemon Go. A lot of people started using it in order to know the location of the Pokemon around them. In fact, millions of players have taken advantage to get their desired Pokemon. But unfortunately, FastPokeMap couldn’t last for long and got shut down pretty quickly after its popularity blew up.

Last year the official developers of Pokemon Go, Nintendo rolled out a couple of security measures which prevents players from using third-party scanners like FastPokeMap for catching pokemon. But that wasn’t the end, Nintendo went ahead and launched a lot of Cease and Desist order letters to all the third-party developers due to which many such services got shut down or terminated.

Well, the end didn’t stay for long. In fact, after a few months, a few Scanner services were created by third-party developers and they seem to work absolutely fine as of now. Today, in this article, we’ll be sharing some of best FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO. If you’ve come here looking for the best scanner, then you’ve come to the right place.

FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO


PokeTech is our pick on this list of best FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO. PokeTech is designed to provide the locations of Pokemon in real-time without any delays. Well, PokeTech isn’t really a native Pokemon GO Scanner, but it makes use of other reputed scanner services to provide you the locations of Pokemon around you. The process of getting the locations of Pokemon is pretty simple with PokeTech.

You just have to visit the official website of PokeTech on your Smartphone or laptop and Turn on your “GPS” feature. After that, the site will identify your location and start accurate scanning of Pokemon in your city. The whole process doesn’t include any charge or fees, although you can opt for premium service to scan any part of the world by paying a small fee.


PokeWhere is another great alternative to the FastPokeMap site. But instead of being a website, PokeWhere comes in an Android app that works like a Radar for scanning Pokemon around you. The app automatically does all the job for you, all you need to do is just give the necessary permissions to the app for it to function properly. It doesn’t matter where you stay, PokeWhere app can quickly find rare pokemon and make them easy for you to catch. The good thing about PokeWhere is that it is available for both iOS and Android Platform. Just go ahead and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you are downloading the latest version of Pokewhere on your device, the older version contains a lot of bugs, in fact, they don’t work accurately and would crash often during the process.


PokeAlert is a well-known notification app for Pokemon GO game. Unfortunately, it is available for Android platform only as of now. The developers have designed the app flawlessly that quickly scans for Pokemon around you within a few seconds of loading. You can also set a custom notification in the app, which will let you know whenever your desired Pokemon comes around your location. With the help of PokeAlert, you will be able to catch most of the Pokemon in a short span of time.

There’s no absolutely no charge for downloading or using the PokeAlert app on your Android device. It can be downloaded for free of cost and can be used as many times as you want without any issues. You just have to make sure that your Android device is running on Android version 7.0 or higher.


I hope your search for the FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO has come to an end through this article. In case, if you’ve found any other useful and working alternatives of the same, let us know in the comment section. Feel free to ask us if you’ve any doubts or stuck somewhere in the process in the comment section. We’ll be glad to help you!

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