iMovie for Windows (iMovie for PC 7/8/XP)


Movie making is made simple and easy with iMovie. This video editing software will enable you to share your moments with friend and families instantly and all those small videos that you have captured browse through them easily and create your own short film out of it. Once you are ready with your film with the help of iMovie, then you will be able to showcase it through iMovie Theater. If you want to organize your clips then also iMovie will come in handy as it not only would keep all your favorites in one place but will make it fun to view those videos too. Once you are in IMovie you can do multiple things like editing your videos as well as photos and add effects to it.

Making movies were never this simple and easy. People had the perception that movie making requires a lot of talent and hard-work, but iMovie has proved them all wrong. At least if you are trying to make movies for fun then you don’t require much of a skill for that instead you just need iMovie. It is very easy to use so anybody and everybody who lays their hand on this software can create effects and trailers just like any other Hollywood movies. Don’t be so surprised at every options are there right in front of you and you only have to make the right choice to complete the task. This video editing software comes with high definition video support.

Features of iMovie

If you want to know how the iMovie operates then you have to actually experience it yourself to see what wonders are really possible through iMovie. Here are some of the extra-ordinary features of iMovie –

  • It is easy to use
  • Comes across as a powerhouse video editing tool
  • Movie making is a piece of cake with this software
  • Adding titles have never been so easy
  • Music will be the backbone of your video
  • Basic level color correction is possible
  • You can make the transition from one screen to the other through slides and fades
  • Tools are available for video enhancements
  • Importing video files from hard drive is possible
  • Even photo files can be imported easily
  • Sharing is made easy

iMovie for Windows PC 7/8/XP

The video editing tool that is present in iMovie allows you to merge your videos and when required you can split it too. Some other techniques that you can use to edit your movie are cropping and rotating. You can simply have fun with this unique software that has made life easier for so many users. You might want some interactive presentation and for that you will have to work on few videos an join them to make a wonderful short film. So, whom do you turn to for help? iMovie, of course! It will help you add videos and also offer some professional touch to it through Chrome Key. If you want to impress your clients more than ever then make the film in 3D and surprise them. There are different trailer formats available like the romantic comedy, retro, scary, sports, supernatural and superhero choose any one of them that you think best suits your videos and apply to get your videos the look of some Hollywood trailers.

Slideshows are another way of sorting out all your photos and if you want to add voice over for your videos or pictures then also you will be able to do that. The Effects can be added easily as there are templates available with the help of which you can do your own thing smartly. You can upload your videos on YouTube and various other websites, including social networking sites. You don’t have to leave the movie in order to burn it to DVD so this is another interesting feature that surely attracts its users.

Now you most probably want iMovie for Windows as well, so that you can enjoy all its features there.

How to install iMovie on your personal computer

If you want this on your PC, then you will have to follow these simple steps and you will get this easy to use video editing software on your PC with the help of which you will be able to explore new areas of film making. Even when it is just for fun then also you will realize how effective the software is. Here are the steps that you need to follow –

  • First download iMovie for Windows 7/8/XP from internet
  • You need to have 1 GB of free space on your PC
  • You also need to make sure that the internet package that you are using will be able to support the huge download
  • After downloading the package you have to install it now in your PC
  • When the installation is done, you will be able to run it and explore the creative side of yours.

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