Tubemate for PC Download Free TubeMate for Winodws 7 8 10


Everyone is now using Youtube, which wasn’t that famous few years back until Google acquired it years ago, which is at an initial stage at that point. Now almost everyone is on Youtube, and the video platform has now over 1 billion views each month, which is the highest viewed site in the world. No, another video platform is has reached this milestone expect Google’s video platform.

Standing tall in the market is also targeted by many developers who look for an opportunity to make lives and many people different requirement fulfill them. There must be a video on Youtube which is not available on any other platform or any source where you can download the video. However, there is always this one video we would like to download it for ourselves.

Now since there are many sources which have now come forward to give you the experience of the Youtube video downloading options, many sites are on Google, who are offering these services to download the videos from their sources, some of them have tools, converters and much more.

Almost 60% of the sites are working, and many sites are getting down each day because of the copyrights violation strikes. You might have heard of non-profit website Youtube mp3 org which has faced a legal battle to shut it down as it was damaging the business of Youtube and violating Youtube policies.

However, since the website is non-profit and only provides Mp3 format files, the court decided to rule out the shutting down of the website and the biggest help received from the petition on Why are we even talking about it? because it’s not easy to download Youtube videos safely and legally.

Tubemate for PC Download Free TubeMate for Windows 7 8 10

We need a solution where we can download Youtube videos without any hassle of any objection from any third party. You can download the videos using your smartphone, isn’t that very simple just by downloading an app can solve your problem just like that.

Tubemate is an app which allows you to download your favorite videos from the video platform called Youtube. Tubemate has plenty features which you will like because that is what you need at your disposal. You can choose your clarity as the app offers you different types of quality of videos.

You must be wondering how much such an app cost would then you can be tension free because Tubemate is a free app with such functions, Tubemate displays ads in the middle of the usage to generate few bucks out of it.

Features of Tubemate for PC

Size: If in case you are going low on memory then you can choose from different sizes of the video files because you have the option to download each video at the suitable choice of sizes from different quality of video files.

How to get Tubemate for PC

I know exactly what you are going to do but trust me it isn’t going work that way. You will search the app on Google Play Store, but it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. What you need is to download the app from Non-market. You heard me right, Google Play Store has rejected the app and because of that you cannot download the app from the Google Play Store.

Now we have an issue here, but you do no have to worry because the official site of the tube mate is providing you the Tubemate app for free. You can download the app from the official site and enjoy the services.

This part if for those who have never downloaded a third-party app or new to the Android features, many users don’t have knowledge on how they can download an app from outside of the Android market, so let’s take a tour on how to install the app on your smartphone.

  • Go to the official site
  • Download the app from the Tubemate site.
  • Once the download is finished, go to settings> Security > “Unknown Sources.” (let me remind this option is for those who want to install a Non-Google play app.)
  • Go to the file manager and find the location of the file or you can hit on the downloaded file in the notification bar.
  • Now go through the installation process and finish the installation.
  • Now it’s to go back to the settings> Security> Unknown sources and uncheck it. (To avoid unknown application to install.)
  • Now launch the app and enjoy the services.

Steps for ‘How to Use Tubemate on PC?

Tubemate can download videos from Youtube and launch your Chrome browser and visit Youtube then click on any video then you can see the download option on your Chrome browser. It is that simple to download the on Tubemate.

Why Tubemate is Not on Google Play Store

The first reason is, Youtube owned by Google and Youtube policies say that Tubemate is violating the rules of Youtube.

Few other reason you should know before you Install and use the app.

  • Tubemate asks for ridiculous permissions, which are identity, precise GPS location, ability to read, ability to change, delete files from your phone and sd card and general location, which is not acceptable in my opinion.
  • Tubemate permission also includes Connect and disconnect of your Internet, which means you are giving them access to your Wifi, network and much more.
  • You are also giving them access to your SD card to rewrite and delete files.


It is true that the app is asking for permission which is quite arguable in my opinion. Google has also rejected the because Tubemate damage the Youtube millions of dollars worth of buisiness if they accept it in Google play, kindly give it a thought and download the app, we are not promoting the app or the Tubemate has paid us to do, we are reviewing the app because it can help you download the videos to your smartphone directly.

If there’s anything we are missing then do let us know in the comments section.

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