A cordless pole saw is the most convenient model to add to your yard maintenance arsenal. It is the easiest to use and can work without being tethered to any electrical outlet. It is low on maintenance and does not require any special skill set. Cordless pole saws are safe for use even for someone who has never used a chainsaw or any landscaping tool before.

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The drawbacks to a cordless pole saw are: they are not as powerful as electric or gas pole saws even though they cut through most branches in a reasonable amount of time; and the batteries run out before a tree is fully pruned. Unless you have spare batteries as a backup, you will be limited in the amount of time you can cut a tree.

However, the best part is you will not have the inconvenience of running power cables around the garden or work space or making sure you always have gas available. They run on rechargeable batteries and are the least noisy.


The poles come in various lengths and are made of fibre glass or steel. Sometimes of a single length, they also come in adjustable and telescopic varieties. If a long pole is not required for backyard work then it’s better to buy shorter lengths as long poles makes the usage more cumbersome and also cost more.

The bar length is available in 6”-10”-12”. The cordless ones have shorter bars.


Typically equipped with lithium-ion battery packs, the batteries provided are available between 8 volts to 40 volts. Extra battery packs are always a wise idea in case the ones being used runs out of charge.


Most electric pole saws weigh around 6 pounds to 8 pounds. These are lighter than the gas and electric models and are a great choice when maneuverability is required.


To keep the cordless pole saw in proper working order and prolong its working life, a proper maintenance is very crucial. Even though maintenance manuals are provided with each saw, the basic pointers can be summed down to:

Before use

  • Check all the connections and fixtures for any loose screws, nuts or bolts.
  • Ensure that the trigger and the trigger lock are functioning smoothly.
  • Check the chain to make sure there are no breaks or other damages.

After use

  • A basic cleaning of the unit’s surface with a damp rag.
  • Cleaning of the protective cover which surrounds the blade.
  • Return the machine to its proper storage bag.
  • Check the oil level and refill whenever required.


Safety gear

Safety gear for protection is mandatory. It includes a pair of goggles or glasses with full coverage, shoes or boots which cover the entire feet and have a good grip and a pair of safety gloves. During pruning and trimming saw dust fly all around and your eyes, nose and mouth should be covered to keep them out of your system. Safety gloves provide a strong grip and prevent chaffing and injuries. Covered clothes and a hard hat create a protective layer from falling branches and debris.


Inspect the cordless saw each time before usage. If the chain has missing teeth or has excessive wear, replace it. If it does not have an automatic oiler, then chain should be properly oiled so that it does not break during use.

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