Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5:Which Flagship will set the trend in 2014?


While the rumors are hovering around the market in search of the next flagship from Samsung and Apple, we’re excited to see the great rivalry continuing the ongoing saga of these two smartphone manufacturers. Currently, Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S are the proud flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple. They’ll be releasing their ultimate weapon within the new Q1 of 2014. We’re hoping to get some the slices of Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 to chill the users with a different taste of rivalry.


Both of the devices will boast the best features we’ve not seen currently like 64-bit processor, next generation GPU, powerful camera and lots of other options. Currently, iPhone 5S has amazed the world with its Fingerprint locking technology which we’ve not seen but it got rumored earlier. Let’s see how the intense battle ogles our eyes.

Curved Screen

Both of the devices are destined to get better and better. LG G2 has already featured a flexible and curved display which can withhold your pressure and recovers scratches immediately. Samsung introduced the curved display a while back but hardly had they leaked any info about their future upcoming models and any info.

Faster Processor

As, iPhone 5S has already featured a 64-bit processor, we’re expecting Samsung to do the same without losing much of its intense premium feeling. Yes, it feels that Samsung will narrow their vision and upgrade the specs compared to Galaxy Note 3. Surely, the Galaxy S and Note series are different but the specs might just be upgraded according to their predecessor.

Larger Display

Rumors have it that Apple just might get onto the phablets’ platform with 5.5-inch screen or stay in the region of 4.7 inch screen. It’ll feature its famous Retina Display and we’re expecting to see the premium and economy version of the smartphones just like iPhone 5S and 5C.

Galaxy S5 might be boasting a plastic back with LDS technology which can shrink the device down to minimal thickness as we’ve seen on Note 3. Without comprising with the specs, Galaxy Note 3 successfully introduced its power within 8.3mm.

Gesture Controls

Just like the Air Gesture and Air View controls, Apple might be planning to introduce 3D imaging capabilities in their next iteration as they’ve bought PrimeSense, a unique company that designs Kinect Technology. So, we’re hoping to see these technologies being added to the next generation of iPhones.

According to some of the leaks, we’re representing you some of the specs of Galaxy S5-

  • Possible Exynos 6 64-bit processor
  • 20MP camera
  • Aluminum Coating
  • Android KitKat
  • Curved Display with Larger resolution

This specs seems great compared to the iPhone 5S. But, will it stack up against the iPhone 6? We’ll just have to wait for a couple of months. Galaxy S5 might introduce premium and “Mini” economy versions for the users.

No matter what we think, both of the devices will outperform the other manufacturers as we’ve seen earlier. So, we’re expecting to see a great fight of these devices. Just wait for a couple of months and see what they’ve come up with.

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