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10 free PC Apps to increase your productivity

10 free PC Apps to increase your productivity

Most of us feel troubled managing the various tasks on our system. This is where the PC apps prove to be useful. There are a number of free Apps present in the market that save your time and help you to organize the different files on your system properly. In simple words the PC apps enhance your work performance and you can get better output is less time. The best thing about the apps is that they are available for free. Thus you have nothing to lose and you can try different apps without worrying about the price. Using the system without these apps results in mismanagement of data which may cause loss of important files. This post provides detailed information about 10 free PC apps to increase your productivity.

Here are tops 10 free PC apps to increase your productivity:


Another useful PC app is Toggl which allows you to record the time taken for a particular task. It is a very useful toll especially for freelancers or work managers.

Cleaner Desktop

This simple app allows you to create different areas on the desktop. This helps to keep the files of similar types at once place. As a result, when you will need to access the files later, you can do so easily. This is especially useful for people who deal with different types of files.

Smart Dock

If you do not like the windows 7 taskbar, you can try smart dock which comes with simple interface and various useful features.


If you are looking for free software for recording and editing sounds, Audacity can be a good option. Audacity has all the necessary features like mixing sounds, recording sound and much more.


Skype is a useful app that allows you to connect with people worldwide for free. It has a number of innovative features like video conferencing and group chat.

Mobile Touchpad

This simple app allows you to use your mobile as a trackpad and thus provides easier control of your desktop.

One Keyboard, many PCs

If you use multiple desktops in your home, this app can be very useful. This app allows you to operate up to three systems with a single keyboard and mouse.

Free Download Manager

All of us need to download different files like movies, songs or pdf files. If you download a number of files, you need to try the Free Download manager which boosts the download speed and thus saves your time.


KeePass is an effective PC app that allows you to fill forms. It also remembers the passwords and other settings so that you do not have to input the same details again and again. This app is especially useful for people who need to subscribe to different websites.


If you want to keep your system free from virus and threats, you must use CCleaner. This tool also allows you to get rid of useless files from your system which increase the speed of your computer. As a result, you will able to perform various tasks in less time.

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