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12 Gmail addons to increase your productivity

Email services are used by the people of all age groups. Though the social networking websites are becoming quite popular, the email services will continue to dominate as medium of communication on internet. The main reason behind this is that the email services offer much more privacy in comparison to social networking websites. Among the various email services present on the internet, Gmail is undoubtedly the leading one. This post provides information about the 10 free tools to automate repetitive tasks on Windows.


Boomerang is an innovative tool that allows a user to setup scheduled mails. This feature is useful in a number of situations like when you want to want to schedule a mail for a special event or you want to schedule mails in your absence. There is an option of setting up reminders as well.


Followup.CC is a similar tool like Boomerang but with enhanced features. For instance, you can set up reminders for a situation where you do not get the reply of a mail in specified time.

Active Inbox

The Active Inbox tool allows you to manage your emails in different groups. You can organize the mails on the basis of priority that ensures that you do not skip important ones.


If you receive big attachments with mails in your inbox, then FindBigMail can be a handy tool for you. This add-on allows you to separate mails which are bigger in size. Thereafter, you can import these mails with the help of this tool. As a result, your inbox will get rid of these mails and some space will become free.


The next fre Gmail add-on to increase your productivity is Sanebox. Sanebox also has a number of useful features like integrating your social profiles with Gmail and setting up reminders for mails. You can also unsubscribe from useless subscriptions with a single click. In brief, this toll can save a lot of time.


There is a search function in Gmail but if you want even more refined search CloudMagic is a good option. CloudMagic works not only with Gmail but it can also search Google docs and calendar. The best thing about this add-on is that you need not login to your Gmail account to use it.


If you have a number of business contacts in your Gmail, you might not be able to associate with them easily. This is where the free Rapportive add-on can be useful. It is a very useful tool that integrates the contacts in your Gmail with their social profiles. As a result, whenever you get a mail in your inbox, you will also see the social profile of the person who has send the mail.

Google Mail Checker

Google web checker is an add-on for chrome that shows you a notification when you get a new mail in your inbox.

Gmail Watcher

Gmail watcher is similar to Google mail checker but the difference is that it is compatible with Mozilla instead of chrome.

Better Gmail

It has features like sound notification on getting new mails and better readability of the mails.

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