Torrentz2 Proxy 2018 – Torrentz Unblocked & Mirror Sites List (100% Working)!


Don’t you just love the concept of watching free movies? Or don’t you just like to play games for free right from your home? Don’t you want to hear to songs for free and store your favourite series to your system for free as well? Well, all of these you do already, all thanks to the torrents sites available.

One of the best torrents search engine is most definitely the Torrentz2. This is one of those engine sites that help people with the best torrents of your favourite games, movies as well as audio books no matter what. But then again there is a simple problem to it.

More than often the people are really not able to access through the sites. And the reason for the same most often is the fact that it is blocked by the government of the country. But then again accessing through the same is still possible. And this is where you will understand that how exactly can you access through the same without any hassle to deal with.

How does this work?

Well let us put it down to you simply that the TorrentZ2 is nothing more than a search engine. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to the torrents sites then you can get through all of the same in one place.

So in case, you need the torrents to any one of the movies for yourself, then the very first thing that you can do is come to the site and then search for the same on the on the search bar. You will be taken to a page with different torrents of the same movie. And then on clicking on any one of the links with good peers and seeds you will be taken to another page where the links to different torrent sites will be made available to you.

And then you can click on any one of these links and you will be taken to the torrent site from where you can download the torrent file or the magnet link for the movie or the game or the song and the any other file that you might want to come across with.

But Torrentz2 is banned in my country, why?

There are multiple reasons why this site can be blocked in your country. But the most important reason why it is blocked is because of the fact that the government has out a ban on the same. you must absolutely realize that the torrents are practically illegal. The reason for the same is extremely simple. One must make sure that they realize that any content that is authorized and not downloaded and sold without consent must be considered illegal all in all.

Of course the reason for the same is really simple. One must completely understand that the government absolutely doesn’t approve of the same and this is one of the most important reasons why the site can be blocked in your country without a doubt. Many internet providers also often contribute to the ban of the same and this is something you cannot help in. But then again, it simply doesn’t mean that you will not get through with the same at all. You can really get through with the site with our help.

The solution that will help you access

The very first solution to your problem can be that of the VPN. Yes, the VPN also known as the virtual private network is one of the best solutions as this is practically one of the solutions that help you mask your IP address no matter what. This is absolutely what will help you with the best results for yourself.

Of course, you can access through the site without having to worry about getting caught at all. This is one of the best solutions thus. But then again in case the site is absolutely blocked then even this cannot help you access through the sites.And this is exactly why you need the help of the proxy sites for yourself.

TheTorrentz Proxy & Mirror Sites

As already mentioned, the proxy sites are the best at any cost. There is no doubt in the fact that with the help of the Torrentz2 proxy sites you can absolutely make sure that you don’t have to remain without the facilities and services of the site. There is no doubt in the fact that this is one thing that ensures that the site has replicated itself. The replica site that it is can make sure that the best results are just yours. It is not physically available. But it makes sure that it apes all the actual contents of the original site and this is definitely the best way to provide you with an escape free way to reach the sites and the torrents. Following are the few sites that can be the proxy sites:

This particular site is available online and is active still. Of course it offers with very fast speed.

  • com:

This is a of course another site that you can make use of because it is extremely fast as well asactive.

  • io:

Another very fast site that you can access because it is extremely available now.

  • net:

This is another proxy of extratorrent that people can use because it is extremely fast when itcomes to providing an access.

  • ch:

Easily available to the people because it is still active and it is extremely fast because it providesgreat access to the people.

  • com:

This is one of the best online active as well as fast site that can help you get through with the bestresults.

These are few of the important sites that you can make the best use of no matter what.


As already mentioned that this is the best search engine for the torrents that you can find around yourself. But then again the problems like bans can still rise. But then again there is a solution for the same as well. All you have to do is get through with the proxy sites. The proxy sites mentioned above are your gateways to the same.

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