Top 10 Applications to Watermark Images

If you are using your images on internet, they are always at the risk of being stolen by others. In order to prevent unauthorized use of your photos, you can watermark them. There are different styles of leaving the watermark on the images. Putting the author name or website link at the bottom is the most common practice. Many people think that the whole process of watermarking images is very tricky and technical. Fortunately, there are applications for this purpose to make things easier for the users.

Here are top 10 applications to watermark images with their features and benefits.


The most common application is iWatermark that allows you to create text or graphic watermark on your images. There are a number of pre-installed watermarks and you can also develop your own.


The next popular application for watermarking photos is impression. It has a number of features like range of watermark options, no effect on the original photo, adjusting the picture quality and the availability of different fonts.

A+ Signature

A+ signature is a versatile application that allows you to add watermark thus making the original photos secure. It also provides advanced options like QR watermark that is generally not present in other apps.

Watermark Me HD

It is a unique watermarking application that allows you to convert a whole photograph in a watermark.


PicMarkr is an online application and you are not required to install it on your computer. This not only saves your time but also provides an opportunity to access the application from multiple computers without installation. Using this application is also very easy and even a noob can handle it without any problem. All you need to do is to provide the watermark text, adjust the font, location and opacity settings and you are done. It will then give an option to download the watermarked image.


Another online watermarking software is alamoon and you can access it on This tool allows you to add watermarks on your images online with few clicks of the mouse.


IrfanView is another useful watermarking application and you can work on it offline. This means that you are required to install the application on your system before using.

Visual Watermark

If you are looking for a watermarking application with new innovative features, you can try “Visual Watermark”. It has some unique features like spiral watermarks and the option to save the final image with the watermark as a full HD photo. This can be useful for photographers who provide exclusive watermarked images to different companies or professional websites.

It’s my photo AD

If you are looking for a free application with decent performance, this can be a good option. The application has all the features present in a paid application and is competent enough to produce high quality watermarked images.


It comes with all the standard features like opacity adjustment, wide variety of fonts and graphic watermarks in addition to text option.

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