Should You Really Outsource Your SEO? Review Your Options!


In an age that’s propelled by digital solutions, online marketing is not merely a choice for businesses. As an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that your company has adequate and positive online presence, and it all starts with Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. A comprehensive and effective online marketing mix is the one that mixes both paid and organic promotional strategies, and SEO is about the latter. SEO is a complete term for all the on-page tactics and off-page strategies that are used for promoting a website organically. It is critical, because coming on the first page of Google actually builds brand trust, besides bringing organic traffic.

This brings to the question – should you really outsource SEO? In this post, we are discussing and reviewing the core options.

Outsourcing to an SEO agency

There are two basic things you need to know about SEO. Firstly, this is a time-consuming process – you cannot expect to get the top spot on Google in a week. Secondly, SEO requires consistent effort. Even when your website is performing well, you need to keep spending on Search Engine Optimization to retain the benefits. While SEO is really simple on paper, it requires extensive work, and keeping up with the updates with search engines is not easy. That’s the precise reason why most companies prefer the ideal of outsourcing seo to reputed seo agencies, because these agencies bring a lot to the table.

From comprehensive assistance on planning an SEO campaign to offering help on search engine marketing, they do it all, and if you go by the costs, you only pay a fraction of the cost spent on in-house SEO members. Of course, SEO agencies are not always same in terms of results, and it only makes sense to find one that has the expertise, which can be aligned with the goals of your business.

How about an in-house SEO team?

Well, in-house SEO expertise may seem like a good idea, especially when you have the budget, but that also increases the work of the management. SEO is not a onetime thing, so you have to keep going back at it. Economically speaking, in-house SEO makes no sense as you would be spending a lot more, more when you compare the expenses of hiring the best agency in business. In-house SEO also means that you have to monitor the work consistently, while on the other hand, SEO agencies usually offer regular monthly reports, so your team just needs to be bothered about the results and nothing else.

Getting it right with outsourcing

Now that you know why SEO outsourcing is a better choice, let’s discuss more on how to hire the right agency. Keep in mind that SEO services are not just about the price. Yes, you may have a budget in mind and may want to only spend a certain amount, but expertise is a key aspect here. An agency that understands the needs of your brand, can offer a complete package and also has some experience in managing other components of online marketing should be given preference. Take your time for evaluating what you expect from an SEO agency, and work around creating memo, which they can use to share a campaign. Discuss the costs in advance, which could be a fixed price for a given term or a price per month, but don’t let the price alone cloud your choice.

With reliable SEO agencies, promoting your brand and website should be a cakewalk for sure. However, do evaluate the performance of your website on real, measurable metrics to understand their work better.

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