What is SEO and why you need it


Search engine optimization or more commonly referred to as SEO is the whole process of trying to improve your website’s placement in search engine rankings. Google, the world’s most popular search engine, will display search links to sites that it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority, in this instance, is obtained by measuring and analyzing the sheer number of links along with its quality from other web-pages. Google is able to do this because they maintain a repository of all internet content in their massive servers. In summary, the name of the game in Pasadena SEO, is to get as many backlinks to your website as possible while ensuring that the websites that link to yours has great content.

How to show your site in search engines

When your website has great content, other sites will normally host a link to your site in theirs. This is what a back link is and it is the bread and butter of Pasadena SEO. This shows that your website is interesting and people would spend time there. Search engines use backlinks as proof that your website is authoritative and thus deserves a higher ranking on the search results. The benefit gained by search engines in this setup is obvious. As the providers for users searching the internet for information, they profit from giving off quality websites as the higher ranked suggestions when people use their search engine. The whole dynamic of search engine and website owner can actually be viewed as simply as this.

How do search engines rank the pages

As mentioned previously, authority is the main measure for the quality of content a website has when comparing sites against a particular search key. This means that your website has to have content that people would consider useful for the particular topic. Once you have shared the quality information online, blogs, social media feeds will then put back links to your website and thus improving the authority measure that search engines will use in ranking. This is the cycle that enables search engines to continually come up with proper results when internet users use their services.

How to have better search engine ranking

There are many factors that contribute to the ranking in search engines and it depends from which engine but they usually follow the same patterns SEO Mississauga will help you.. These are:

  • Make sure your website is easy to access – Search engines would require access to your site through their crawlers in order for them to have a copy of your site inside their data repositories. This allows them to quickly scan through a lot of information then returning results based on the criteria that they have set.
  • Backlinks are supposed to be relevant to the topic – It may feel sometimes that you can cheat your way into getting a higher ranking by repeatedly spamming web pages and forums with backlinks to your site. This may have worked before but advances in both artificial intelligence and a quickly stabilizing standard in web development have allowed major search engines to filter out dubious backlinks that do not have any relevance to the search keywords at all. To ensure that search engines would honor backlinks, see to it that the sites hosting the backlinks have proper content that stays relevant to the topic.
  • Your readers are supposed to be humans – Web content creation nowadays focuses on how searchable the content are rather than how engaging is the material. This is slowly becoming obsolete however with the rise of social media websites and the ability to influence other online users by sharing. The backlinks in these social media sites from top influencers have become a huge boost to SEO attempts. When you think of your readers as humans first, you ensure that your site will be immune to improvements done by search engines to weed out fake content. And, most importantly, encourages the real human readers to share your content on their social media accounts.
  • Seek trustworthy sites – Search engines often flag pages as untrustworthy based on the policies that they have set. There are however, many sites whose already been widely regarded as a purveyor of good content. Having links from these kinds of sites could mean a lot to your website.
  • Learn to use analytics – Search engines offer a plethora or tools that allow SEO developers to learn and keep track of their progress. Other tools can be installed in your website as well to gather important data that can be used to improve the website. You can track where the user clicks or which page they spend the most time in. This way, you can make sure to make the users see the content that you want them to see. And, in turn, improve your rankings in search engines.
  • Make sure to make each content unique – Search engines have cracked down on in plagiarism a long time ago. They have built a mechanism to detect content that are exact copies from other sites. Even content that is copied from the same domain and, more notoriously, webpage, are being flagged as plagiarized content and goes against the overall authority score of a website on the search engine rankings.
  • Mind the URLs – URLs carry a certain weight when search engines weigh the ranks of each site. Thus, it is a huge missed opportunity if you choose to name your urls with vague names that do not do justice to the content of your site. If you think that there are certain keywords that should be pointing to your site, makes sure each of these keywords appear on the URL to your website.
  • Use the social media signals – A good measure of how well the SEO is doing is how many backlinks are being spread through social media. Given that your website has genuinely interesting or informative content, the shares should come naturally.


A whole industry is built upon Pasadena SEO, and thus it might be a good idea to brush of on these techniques to ensure that your website stays ahead of the curve when it comes to search rankings.

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