This year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone.  So, if you are expecting unusual upgrades in the new smart phone that is Apple iPhone 8, so we are having a big surprise for you. There are lots of features and rumors already spread in the market. We have tried to gather all the information about it, why don’t you all give check to it.


It is expected that iPhone 8 is going to announce its flagship in the month of September 2017. It is not a big time but I am sure that Apple is creating something good for all iPhone lovers.


On the occasion of 10th anniversary of iPhone, Apple tries to make its more productive and convenient for it users by applying new feature in it.


  • 2800X1242 PIXELS
  • 8 INCHES

It is rumored that iPhone is going to apply infinity screen feature in iPhone 8. Which means home button will be removed and apart from this a virtual sensor screen would be applied. That virtual screen will have super sensitive feature which give you an ultimate response. Apart from this, feature like face detection and iris scanner will be used to unlock the screen.


Does iPhone is going to have a 3D camera?? This is also a rumor about it. iPhone 8 is going to have a feature like 3D camera. According to which you can easily click your 3D images and also use them for video editing and gaming software.

It is also been said that LG is collaborating with Apple on creating the camera feature. So, no need to worry about the selfies anymore.


This is one of the best feature of Apple iPhone 8. Yup, you guessed it right, Apple is featuring this feature in iPhone 8. After this your mobile can easily charged up when it come in the contact of any socket. The socket must be in the 1.5 meter of diameter. You don’t need to worry about cables anymore. Now its, become finally easy to charge your smart phone without any panic.(Isn’t it nice)


The whole device is made up of Glass screen and also having infinity screen with of silver border.  iPhone 8 is having water resistant technology. IPhone 8 is having IP68 verified technology. Which means your phone can easily work in the rain and if you slip your smart phone in the water up to the depth of 5 meter, it can also work after then. iPhone 8 can be in water up to the depth of 5 meter for 30 minutes without harming any part of it. Rumors are also coming that we may see a Appel iPhone 7S variant by Q3, 2017 as well.

All these rumors and features about already started to excite me.  I am really excited about it. If we receive any new notification about iPhone 8 we will notify it to you. Till then, bookmark our page and keep updated with us. For any query or doubt about iPhone 8 you can comment below. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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