Nexus 7 (2013) review: Slim and fast but not the best


Google introduced their Nexus 7, the first tablet designed by them back in 2012. It was the year of making top-class tablets and smartphones. But, most of the flagship tablets had a huge price. Nexus 7 brought the pricing to a new low without compromising with its specs. As expected, Nexus 7 became the most expected tablet device reviewed by the users.

Nexus 7

This year, Google has introduced a newer version of Nexus 7; the 2013 version is named as Nexus 7 FHD. The new Nexus 7 overwhelmed everyone but according to the same users, it doesn’t offer the same feeling as the old device gave.

Let’s see how the new Nexus 7 held its own compared to its predecessor.

Thinner, Lighter and mightier as well

The 2012 version of Nexus 7 boasted a nice designed but it was a bit fatter. Compared to the iPad Mini it was a bit thicker. On the other hand, the new Nexus 7 is 2mm less in thickness than the old one. It might not sound very premium, but the feeling of working and holding it changes everything. Compared to its predecessor, FHD is also lighter of about 50 grams.

As the new Nexus lost its weight and thickness, certainly it gives it edge over the older model and makes it vastly portable. You can easily hold the device in once hand just like you use a smartphone and it feels really great. The new nexus has introduced a different back-cover that has a softer coating. You can easily put the device in your jacket or pocket.

The new Nexus has rather plastic power and volume rockers. But, you’ll need to press harder to get them working as they’re flushed. The 2013 Nexus 7 doesn’t sport a premium feeling but it doesn’t feel cheap as well.

Updated Specs for better performance

Google upgraded their device with faster processor and a better screen to impress the users and actually they did impress them. It sports a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor with a clock-speed of 1.5GHz. The screen resolution and ppi has made a huge increment. It boasts a fullHD screen which is why the newer Nexus 7 is called FHD. It can show clearer screen and sharper text as well. If you’re a bookworm, then the new Nexus 7 will surely impress you with its sharper and deliberate screen resolution. Web Browsing and watching videos is also feels amazing with this device.

Improved Camera

Unlike the older one, this device features a 5MP primary camera which can take decent pictures even in low-light. But, you can’t compare it with the smartphones. But, it provides a decent clarity and a great level of detail.

Updated Android KitKat

The new KitKat introduces greater feeling of your Nexus devices. It features a clean OS which hardly require any modification. There was hardly any lag among multitasking and switching between the different apps. But, compared to the KitKat 4.4 of Nexus 5, it misses a few updates like KitKat launcher or the transparent notification bar.

Although, the features of Nexus 7 FHD is pretty amazing, but it couldn’t make better impression compared to its predecessor. It’s not the best tablet as the new dogs like Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), iPad Air Mini etc are coming onto the market.

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