Dundee and other Scottish towns look forward to a 4G Christmas

Users of contract and pay as you go phones in the Scottish city of Dundee are looking forward to a superfast, super-connected Christmas this year, as it has been announced that 4G, the next generation of mobile broadband, is coming to their area at last.

The arrival of 4G in Dundee is all thanks to the mobile network operator EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere. The network has been rolling out its 4G network, which was the very first to launch in the UK ahead of all other operators, at a breakneck speed. More than 140 towns and cities across the country now have access to superfast 4G, and this is expected to swell to 160 in time for Christmas.

EE is also investing more than £150 in bringing 4G, which offers speeds that are at least five times faster than standard 3G technology, to Scotland. Edinburgh is already connected along with Glasgow, but Dundee is among the 19 new UK destinations to be switched on to 4G by Christmas Day. Next on the agenda for the network is Aberdeen, the residents of which will soon be able to email, browse, stream and play games at lightning fast speeds.

Commenting on the rollout of 4G in Dundee was Michael Romilly, who works as a marketing director for app maker Waracle in the city. He said:

“4G is fantastic for people on the move. Residents and businesses will feel the benefit. This will really position Dundee as a smart, intelligent, tech savvy city.

“It’s brilliant for our industry, but it also shows this is a forward-thinking place and what with the Waterfront development and the City of Culture bid, 4G will be a real feather in our cap.

“It will enable people to do things much faster on their mobiles, and much easier. Users will be able to access high definition video content on demand through a mobile connection, which is something more and more people want.”

Dundee residents wanting to enjoy 4G will need to make sure that they have a 4G ready handset, as not all are compatible. Devices such as the HTC One, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and Galaxy S4 all work with 4G, along with a number of other handsets.

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