Does Your Pizza Shop POS Engage Your Customers?


Companies like Merchant Solutions offer outstanding point-of-sale software to help businesses expand their potential. While there are such great services as Clover Station 2.0, it is critical for business owners to look at what they currently use to see what upgrades they require. Pizza shops are popular all over the country, and they are one type of business that has the most to gain out of POS systems. You need to consider the following features if you are considering purchasing a new system to use in your restaurant.

Online Ordering

More people than ever before order pizzas online. It is quickly overtaking phone orders. If your POS does not support online orders, then you need to upgrade today. You should find a system that integrates your online ordering system with a cloud-based program that sends orders directly to the kitchen. Through this, you dramatically decrease errors and eliminate superfluous hardware. Everything goes right to the kitchen as soon as it comes in, so customers enjoy their pizzas sooner no matter how they order.


Ideally, your pizzeria’s POS system will be out front for customers to order whatever they want with ease. Some pizzerias have over 50 toppings to choose from. You need customers to be able to look through your menu effortlessly and select everything they want on their pie in just a few minutes. Additionally, building a pizza on a terminal should be more than easy. It should also be fun. You just need to make sure you train your workers on these terminals as soon as possible, so they can help customers if problems come up.

Menu Management

While your POS system should benefit the customers, it should also work to your advantage as the owner. Systems like Cloverflex allow you to monitor what is popular at your restaurant. You can track what toppings do well and see what does not. That means you can take unpopular items off the menu, so you no longer have to order them. Your POS system should do all of this automatically, saving you multiple hours of work every week. Once you can effectively track inventory, you can better maintain your bottom line.

Loyalty Programs

Everyone loves pizza. Chances are good you have a lot of repeat business with some customers probably ordering from you at least once a week. To reward these loyal customers, you need a gift program. With the right POS system, the loyalty program can be built right in. Customers input their information right on the terminal, which makes it much easier than always needing to keep a punch card in a wallet. Customers can input their phone numbers or other information and receive fun rewards every so often. It is great for building customer retention. Both you and your customers benefit financially.

If you do not have an effective POS system in your pizza shop, then you are falling behind the competition. Fortunately, there are numerous systems to choose from, so you can definitely find one that works for your business. Find a POS system to start using so that you and your customers will start having better experiences.

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