How to Get free .EDU Email Address for Free


We’ve seen a lot of our readers are looking for ways to get a .edu extension email address for free of cost. Since a lot of people on the web are looking for the same, we’ve decided to come up with an article guiding how to get free .edu email address for free. Before making up the article, we’ve searched the web to see if there are any guides or tutorials available already, but unfortunately, only a handful of guides are available on the web. And most of them are outdated, those methods don’t work anymore these days. So, we have dug harder and finally managed to find a way through which anyone can grab free .edu email address for free.

There are a lot of benefits associated with .edu email addresses, many companies offer discounts and credits for those who are having .edu email address. However, getting the edu mail address isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You cannot simply go on the web and sign up for a .edu email address like you would do on Gmail. There is a standard procedure that you need to follow in order to get the .edu mail address. And in case, if you’re not aware of such extension and would like to know the specialty of it, then stick to the article till the end.

.EDU Email Address

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What is Edu EMail Address?

If you’re not a blogger, Youtuber or a student, then you probably wouldn’t have heard of such an extension. So, in order to make you aware of this particular extension, here’s a short description for you. First of all, .edu email can only be obtained by students who are studying in universities or certified educational institutions. Edu mail extensions are strictly restricted to educational institutes only, you can grab it through your institute only, not from anywhere else.

There are a few educational institutes that give out edu email extensions for free to their students, in most cases, the emails are given on geographical basis. A lot of students still do not have edu email accounts, and as a result, they’re missing out on a lot of free stuff and services. Many companies run promotional or tie up offers or discounts that are limited to only edu email account holders. Some companies even offer huge discounts on rare software for edu account holders.

In order to grab such offers, you need to have a verified personal edu email address account given by an educational institute. Only selected educational institutes to give out such email accounts for free, rest of them charge lump sum amounts from the students. If you’re on this article, then you probably don’t have an edu account and looking forwarding to getting one for free.

Benefits Of Edu Email Address Account:

Just in case, if you’re wondering what benefits you will get from edu email account over a regular email account, then go through the below list. The benefits which we’ve mentioned below are existing, and there’s good chance that many such offers will come up in future only for edu email account holders. So, in case, even if you don’t need the edu account now, register and keep it for future use.

Free Amazon Prime Offer: All the edu email account holders will be able to grab the Amazon prime video membership of 6 months for free of cost. You just have to go to the offer page of Amazon and sign up with your edu account, that’s it. The membership will be activated for you instantly at no charges. You can stream movies or Tv shows for free of cost using Amazon Prime Video.

Last Pass: the Last Pass is a browser extension which takes of passwords of your accounts for you. It automatically records all the passwords you enter (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc) and secure it safely in a vault. Next time, you don’t have to enter the password, the extension will type it for you. It can also generate random and strong passwords for you and save it in order to make your accounts secure. Using the edu email address, you can grab a flat 50% discount on Lastpass Membership.

Free Gdrive: Google Drive is the perfect place to store all your documents, data, files securely without any issues. You can store your files for free of cost on Google Drive for upto 6 months if you sign up with edu email address.

Discounts on Softwares: Apart from the mentioned offers, there are still a lot of platforms (Ex: Grammarly) where you can grab the discounts and offers when you sign up using your edu email address. Companies regularly introduce new offers or plans for edu email account holders.

I guess I’ve given enough reasons for having an edu email address. In case, if you’re still not convinced, then I’m not sure what else I can do. Nonetheless, let’s jump up and see how you can grab edu email address for yourself.

.EDU Email Account

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How To Get Edu Email Address:

Make sure you follow all the steps properly, otherwise, there’s a good chance that your request may get rejected. Enter all the details properly without any mistakes.

  1. First of all, head over to this site and click on “New User Registration” after clearing the captcha code. (Insert:
  2. While filling out the details, make sure you enter your real email address instead of disposable emails.
  3. In the address section, you will have to enter US-based name and address in order to get the email.
  4. Just search for any US-based residency address and copy paste it, Click on “Apply”.
  5. That’s all, You will get the edu email account reply from the institute after approval.


I hope the method which I’ve shared is easy for you all to understand. In case, if you’re not getting the approval or stuck somewhere, feel free to reach us using the comment section. We’ll be glad to help you out. As a reminder, there are a lot of sources available on the web that offer such email accounts for a premium price, we suggest you stay away from such services.

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