Content Repurpose – A Detailed Guide with Explanations and Techniques


Creating content itself is a daunting task. On top of that, maintaining a flow of fresh content becomes even more daunting. The social media experts often have to go through the dilemma of limited resources in terms of content. However, for fighting this hassle, many businesses used to republish their old contents across a range of platforms in order to accelerate the reach. But as per the current market dynamics, Intlum and various other significant digital marketing and content marketing agencies prohibit the idea of republishing the exact content. Rather the companies recommend putting effort on repurposing the old content to have a fresh essence as well as save the time for creating new content at the same time.

There’s a significant difference between content repurposing and republishing. While the republishing means posting the same content posted before, the repurposing indicates reusing the old content in different ways across a diverse range of platforms like marketing channels to give it a new look and feel in line with the audience and nature of the channel. Content repurposing not only helps a business reach a broader target audience but also assists in bringing more traffic to your website.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users across different social platforms, social media promptly becomes one of the most appealing stages for the content repurposing. But before repurposing the content on social media, we should always feed our knowledge hunger with a few important questions regarding it.

Important Questions to Ask Before Content Repurposing:

Below are the questions that you may need an answer to. So, go through the questions and repurpose your content in the best way possible.

Can Old Blog Contents be Repurposed?

The simple answer is No! Generally, the blog contents are written with the trends in mind. If your article’s information is outdated compared to the current trend, never go for a repurpose as it will do the exact opposite to your expectation.

Should I Consider the Well-Performed Old Content Only?

This is a sheer misconception that promoting only the previously well-performed content will do the wonder now. Often it is seen that the formerly well-performed content has not performed when repurposed. On the other hand, the most poorly performed content may give you great exposure when re-purposed. The main concept is – an honest effort to share valuable information for your users will always shine.

Can New Blog Posts be Repurposed?

New content ideas are hard to discover these days and if you have come up with a new blog post with a unique idea that can add value to your users, you should always opt for a content repurposing.

Different Strategies to Repurpose Your Content

Now, as you have a clear idea when to repurpose your contents, it’s time to tell you how to do it! Below are some proven strategies to repurpose your content, add value to your clients, and stay ahead in the race of competition. So, let’s start the tour without further ado!

Create a Presentation

Since the visual contents create a lot better engagement than the text content, the visual repurpose of your old text content is the best and the easiest techniques to avail during your content repurposing program. You just need to extract the key points of a valuable and informative article and create a presentation using those points which can be shared and promoted on the platforms like Scribd and SlideShare. This technique not only makes it easy for you to get the engagement and traffic from different platforms but also makes it easy for your users to grasp the content. When you turn a 20-25minute (reading time) article into a 4-5minute (reading time) visual presentation, users will be most likely to read it and share with others.

Post Infographics on Social Media

The majority of the bloggers are inclined to share their contents on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram – as per the content nature. It’s a great practice to share contents on the social media platforms but you should always understand one simple fact that social media is all about quick reactions which means sharing the large contents can never make the best impact.

As per the recent study, the psychology of social media users induces them to get engaged in the rich media way more than the links and articles. Thus, the infographic is the best way to promote your informative contents on social media in the most engaging manner. Create infographics based on the information and major points in your article and share the visual form of information on social networks like Flickr, Scribd,, SlideShare along with the popular social media platforms mentioned above.

Infographics are proven to be one of the most engaging and convertible content mediums that can augment the reach of an article and close the gap between engagement and information.

Share Article Link on Forums, Q/A Sites, and Comments

Think about the main purpose of your article. No, it’s not ranking, it’s about providing information to the users on a specific topic. So, one of the best activities you may get engaged to with your old and fresh content is plugging the article to the Q/A websites, Forums, and Comments where applicable. That’s how you are going to promote your article and share the information in the article with thousands of daily visitors. But if you think it’s as easy as writing a comment, embedding your article link in it, and getting exposure, you are making a big mistake!

Yes, the online communities and discussion sites carry a lot of rules and regulations which eliminate the spam practice done by people worldwide. Each of the comments, answers, threads, and even questions are moderated by machine or human being. So, a sudden arrival and dropping your article link would not help you much in this case. You need to start a conversation, engage in the discussion, and finally, mention your article as a solution where it is genuinely required.

If done perfectly, the exposure is unimaginable since thousands of users are visiting the sites daily with a query in mind. Sites like Reddit, Quora, and even Twitter and Facebook can give you a great platform to start.

In the current climate, publishing content and sitting idly after that will not appear to be fruitful enough. You need to break the bubble and start the smart work to get hold of your audience. Content Repurpose is a tricky job to do and you should always do it with perfection since the successful content repurposing can hand you an exposure you may not even envision!

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