How to get Free Instagram Followers? (3 Methods)

There is no other reason for getting more followers than increasing a public profile appearance over social media. No doubt, it is one of the challenging tasks to get real followers on various social media handles. Instagram is one of those social media platforms that become popular in such a less time.

Instagram has millions of users on its platform. Moreover, the brands are also encouraging their listing on Instagram. The influencers over Instagram with a higher number of followers even get paid for completing various brand promotions.

Free Instagram Followers

Again? One needs a good amount of followers on this platform. Therefore, we have decided to publish a quick guide for the people who are looking for free Instagram followers. Let’s have a look.

How to get Free Instagram Followers?

There is nothing easy and free, though. However, one can get free Instagram followers using the methods we have given below.

#1 Hashtags.

Hashtags play an important role while increasing the number of followers in an Instagram profile. You will not even notice the number of followers once it gets increased using this trick.

However, this only works for the people who share real content and different than other users. You need to use various hashtags for getting real Instagram followers at no extra cost.

I admit, this process is slow. But, quality over quantity. You will gain a real amount of followers in no time if you get expertise in using hashtags.

#2 GetInsta

The second method to get free Instagram likes is by using the GetInsta application. GetInsta is an online platform for increasing the number of likes and followers on Instagram. This service is free of cost. However, one can even opt for the paid quick services.

The primary reason to mention its name is to get free Instagram likes and followers. You only need to complete your profile by creating an account on GetInsta.

After completing your profile, you can use its application that is available for platforms (iOS, Android & Windows). You need to use this application for earning free coins by following others and liking their profile pictures. Later, one can use those points for getting an unlimited number of real and free Instagram followers.

#3 Instagram Reels

You must have heard about the Tiktok ban? Alright. Just after the banning of TikTok, Instagram announced its new short video platform on the same application “Reels.”.

Yes, one can gain a real and huge number of free followers for Instagram by creating better content and video on Instagram reels. Your content needs to be genuine and unique.


There is no doubt that many people want to increase the followers on Instagram. However, it is not an easy task as many times we end up getting fake followers. Therefore, we have decided to add a quick guide for people who are looking for real and free Instagram followers.

You can also let us know in the comments section if there is anything that is not understandable.

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