How to Get Owner’s Details of Any Vehicle by its Registration Number in India?

Doesn’t own a vehicle so very necessary nowadays? There is completely no doubt in the fact that owning vehicles has become necessary for so many people nowadays. There is no doubt in the fact that owning a car has nowadays fallen into the list of basic needs because reaching places on time is exactly what you need to do. Just like anything else, the vehicles also have to be registered to the owners.

One must necessarily understand that when it comes to the registration number, then it is an identity of the owner in itself. Almost all the other owner details are registered along with it. One must completely understand that getting through with the owner details is really necessary in some scenarios. And knowing about these scenarios is really very necessary.

Scenarios when the owner details matter:

People must understand that they need the owner’s details for various purposes. Following are some of the best reasons why it must be needed:

  • In case of a road accident:

This is definitely one of the most important scenarios when this is needed. In case of a road accident where both the victim and the person who has done the accident have cars, then both of their identities can be easily revealed with the help of the registration number of the cars. This is something that is really helpful for everybody. Also in case there are other traffic rules that are broken, the particular registration number works like a charm.

  • Reporting stolen car:

In case people are doubtful about ownership of a particular car, then they can definitely check with the registration number to know about its real owner. This is something important and one can absolutely make sure that the reporting of the stolen car becomes much easier than ever.

  • Giving back something valuable:

In case a person has misplaced something at a place, and that is really an expensive thing then definitely people can make sure but if the registration number is noticed in the first place then the valuable thing can be easily returned to its owner without any problem at all.

  • Reporting loss of lives:

In case a particular person has lost his life because of a car incident on any other incident then of course that near ones can be intimated about the death with the help of the registration number.

These are just some of the scenarios when the car registration number can provide people with the details of the owners and can in return help with the best results in identifying them.

You must also understand that what are the exact details that are provided in the registration number that can help you in the process:

  • Registration number:

This is something that you already have. But then again it is still provided to you as a first detail of information. This is really what makes sure that the number you have is correct.

  • The name of the owner:

The name of the owner is also available because this is exactly what will proof what the name of the person is whom you are looking for. Or this may in fact prove that whom the car belongs to, if not the person who was driving it.

  • The state and the city of the registration:

The city and the state of the registration of the car will definitely be available along with the details because this will give an idea about where the person lives.

  • The car model:

The car model is the exact thing that can identify that if it is the same car that is being talked about when it comes to looking up a registration number. It confirms that the car was the same car whose registration number is being looked up.

  • The class of the vehicle:

This is also important and does it is looked up for the identification of the car.

  • Engine number:

The engine number also make sure that the exact car is being talked about. This especially comes to use when there is a road accident and the victim is in a car and there is no other identity available on him.

  • Chassis number:

This is another way of looking into the car with the great closer look.

  • Fuel type:

Of course this is one of the most important identity features for the car. This is exactly why it is important as well.

How to Know Complete Details of Any Vehicle by its Registration Number in India?

Knowing about the car owner details from the car registration number is prepaid simple in India nowadays. The following are the most important steps the people must follow in order to do so:

  • The very first thing that people must do is visit the official website of Parivahan.
  • You will find three boxes to themselves and they should fill the same in accordance.
  • The first box will be that of the registration number and they should fill in the correct registration number seeing them properly.
  • The very next number is that of the mobile number that people should fill in with their own mobile number.
  • The next box will be that of the verification code that is the captcha that they have to enter.

This is exactly when they will be send an OTP into the mobile number which they will have to enter after that. After the verification is complete, they can surely make sure that they are getting through with the details of the owners as mentioned above. The process is very simple with the application as well. You can easily download the application of Parivahan and you can fill in the details to get through with the results.

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