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Websites: Where Do You Begin?


Whether it’s for your business, your hobby, or just for posting cute pictures you took of your cat, having a website is a smart move. When you first look at how to make your own website, it can be intimidating. Everything from coding to basic design can completely alienate the inexperienced, so where should you begin?

Plan Your Brand

(Source: https://99designs.com/blog/tips/brand-identity/)

The first step is always to plan the brand identity you want for your website. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should trademark, but it does mean having a mental image of how your website should look in your mind. Sometimes it can be as simple as picking what color and then going from there.

Once you have the initial idea, you can start to expand on it. You choose the font, color palette, and layout of the general site. Having your own brand doesn’t mean that you’re solely a business though. The brand is how you are viewed by others that visit your site. Whether it’s a serious endeavor or just for fun, you never get a second first impression, even online.

Secure the Domain

After you know your identity, you want to secure your way to show this identity. To do this, you should purchase a web domain based on your brand. A web domain is, in the most simple terms, the name of your website.

By securing the domain you want, you’re able to exercise full freedom with that domain. To purchase a domain is remarkably simple, and can be done with websites such as GoDaddy or Google Domains. You simply go onto the site, search for your desired domain, and if it’s available you can purchase it.

There are some potential roadblocks that you should look out for when shopping for website domains. If somebody owns the domain already but is selling it as a registrar, you could be cornered by hidden fees and fine print. Privacy and data protection is a huge deal because there’s always the chance that a hacker or even your registrar themselves could take advantage of weak security.

Build Your Website

Now that you have everything planned for your website, you need to figure out how to build it. Building a website can be as simple as following a WordPress tutorial or as difficult as coding the site manually, all from scratch.


There is an alternative to both, and it’s a great solution so that you don’t have to build your brand alone. Hire a website designer to build your website for you. Website designers are often freelancers, while others have entire companies dedicated to the practice, such as the company Brain Box Labs.

Brain Box Labs

(source: https://www.csswinner.com/profile/brain-box-labs/174)

Brain Box Labs is a Canadian user interface website and user experience designer. They’re committed to providing you with the best website they can. Brain Box does this through deep analysis of your brand, targeting who you should be directed towards in the market.


Now you know the fundamentals of starting a website, from your unique brand to your final build. You don’t necessarily need to be extremely detailed about your design either, and you can always learn to make it on your own. Your only limit is your creativity and your personal drive.

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